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Paroxetine is an antidepressant from the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and is produced by the pharmaceutical company A/S Ferrosan. This drug has been approved by FDS and belongs to the list of the vital medicines according to WHO.

Paroxetine has an intense antidepressive action and is able to inhibit anxiety. Paroxetine has the strongest action directed at the fast improvement of the psychoemotional state of the patient among all drugs from serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

An antidepressive effect is achieved by means of the increase of serotonin level in the subcortical structure of the brain. This is the main “happiness” hormone which improved mood, inhibits apathy and stimulates interest at life. The symptoms of anxiety and groundless anxiety is completely reduced by means of the intense increase of the serotonin level. A therapeutic effect of Paroxetine develops within 7 days and achieves maximum in 3 weeks of the treatment. Unlike many other antidepressants, Paroxetine is well tolerated, does not cause vegetative side effects and weakly inhibits a central nervous system.

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Indications for the use

- Depression of all types of the different genesis: reactive, endogenic, anxious
- Obsessive-compulsory disorder
- Anxious disorder
- Panic disorder
- Social phobia

Usage and doses

Paroxetine is released in pills for the oral use. The pills are used once per day, in the morning, during breakfast. A dosage regimen is individual, depending on diagnosis and medical image of a patient. To treat depression, it is recommended to begin the treatment from the minimal dose of Paroxetine 20mg. If there is no intense antidepressive effect, the dose is gradually increased by 10 mg per week. The maximal daily dose of Paroxetine is 50 mg.

In case of the panic disorders, the treatment begins from the daily dose of Paroxetine 10 mg (to reduce a possible risk of the development of the panic symptoms). In case of no acute conditions, the dose is gradually increased.

Preventive measures

- To prevent a withdrawal syndrome, the treatment is gradually terminated within several weeks
- Paroxetine is incompatible with MAO inhibitors because the simultaneous use may lead to serotonin syndrome
- Ethanol enhances a toxic action of Paroxetine, and therefore avoid alcohol consumption during the treatment
- Do not take Paroxetine during epilepsy, renal failure, severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system
- Paroxetine is not used during pregnancy because an influence of the drug on the fetus is unknown
- Children under 18 years old are not prescribed Paroxetine to treat depression and anxious disorders because children are subject to the development of the side effects

Side Effects

The use of Paroxetine may be accompanied by some side effects which are more intense within the first 14 days of the treatment. The most frequent side effects are effects in the central nervous system: sleepiness, tremor, asthenia, dizziness, and confusion. The side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, and muscle weakness are seldom met.

In order to lower a risk of the appearance of the side effects, it is necessary to begin the treatment from the minimal daily dose and gradually increase the dosage regimen controlling a patient’s state. In case of severe side effects, lower the daily dose or completely cancel the treatment.

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