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Pheromone Cologne for men


You know that besides the direct communication between people there is an invisible chemical metabolism. This metabolism influences on our perception of a human as a personality and shows different feelings such as love, hate, and fear. That is why special Pheromone Cologne for men has been developed to create positive feelings and it has an influence on the brain of a woman and attracts her. Pheromone Cologne for men is a special perfume which helps to attract attention without any words. Male pheromones are chemical substances which get into the brain of a woman through the nose and activate special receptors responsible for the positive emotions.

These special male enzymes of the animal origin are directed at the women and therefore any man will be able to attract a woman of his dream and gain her love. The appearance of pheromones has caused interesting changes all around the world. Just imagine that you can attract any woman with the help of this spray with pheromones. And any man who puts Pheromone Cologne for men on himself may become more confident and all women will want to be with him.

The use of Pheromone Cologne for men increases passion and excitement of women who are near a man, relaxes, emancipates a man so that the partners behave in a relaxed manner. If you use Pheromone in bed, you will be able to achieve the highest point of the satisfaction and sexuality because your sexy partner will not leave you alone.

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Pheromone Cologne for men is used as a common cologne or perfume. Perfume is applied to the wrists of the hands, area behind the ears, and neck, i.e. the places with the fast exhalation of the active substances.

The only problem of the beginners is an excessive putting of the cologne on the body. A high concentration of this perfume may break the whole balance and a needed result will not be achieved. The duration of the action of Pheromone Cologne for men is from 4 up to 8 hours.

It is necessary to keep within limits and does not use perfume more than it is written in the guidelines.


- after bathing the effect of the pheromones disappears and therefore it is necessary to put cologne one more time

- Pheromone Cologne for men does not cause side effects and is totally safe for the skin

- If you have allergy to the components of this remedy, before using it you should consult a specialist.

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