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Plan B (Emergency Contraception)


Plan B (Emergency Contraception) is a hormonal contraceptive which serves as an urgent protection after the unprotected sexual intercourse. This drug contains the main active component levonorgestrel, an analog of the sexual hormone progestin. This drug may be taken if the undertaken methods of contraception appeared ineffective. For instance, the condom broke off, or the loop slipped down. This drug may be taken as prophylaxis after the unprotected sexual intercourse in an emergency because the frequent use may cause the hormonal imbalance.

Plan B is not a medication which may cause an induced abortion. The mechanism of the action of this drug consists in the suspension of the ovule outlet from the ovary. If the tablet was taken after the unprotected sexual intercourse, there is a prevention of the fertilization. The active components do not allow spermatozoa to reach the ovule.

If the tablet was not taken after the sexual intercourse but in one or two days, this drug acts in different way. In this period of time there is a risk that the ovule has been become fertile Plan B causes some changes in the uterine lining as a result of which the fertilized ovule cannot catch at its walls. The process of the fetus development is stopped, and you may be confident that you are protected from the unwanted pregnancy.

According to data of the clinical tests the efficiency of this contraceptive remedy is 99%. The absence of the effect may be if you took the tablet in 3 days (the maximally allowed term).

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After the unprotected sexual intercourse it is necessary to maximally quicken the process of the drug use. Usually, there is no time to visit the doctor, and therefore having bought Plan B you should carefully read the instruction for the use which contains information about the way of use, recommendations and even contraindications.

- The pack of Plan B (Emergency Contraception) contains 2 tablets which should be taken by turns in accordance with instructions.

- Tablets may be taken at any time regardless of the meals with liquid (milk is better)

- It is necessary to take the tablets as quick as possible. The efficiency of the contraception depends on how soon you will be able to take the medicine. The extreme term is 72 hours after the unprotected sexual intercourse. If you are not in time to take the tablets in this period of time, there is no point to take them at all.

- It is strictly contraindicated to take the double dose of the drug (4 tablets) in order to increase the effectiveness. This may cause the severe side effects, and you will need a medical hospitalization.


- Girls under 18 years old are contraindicated to take Plan B because this may harm their body. In case of emergency a doctor’s consultation is needed.

- It is contraindicated to the medication if you are already pregnant. This may cause a disorder in the development of the fetus or induced abortion as a result of which the work of the internal genitals of the woman may be affected, and this is very dangerous.

- This drug does not protect from the sexually-transmitted infections and diseases

- The tablets may be taken not more than 2-3 times per year because they are not indicated for the long contraception but cause severe hormonal stress, and so the excessive use of the tablets may be harmful for the woman’s body.

- The proper use of Plan B (Emergency Contraception) does not cause the side effects.

- In rare cases women had a shifting of the menstrual cycle.

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