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Pletal (Cilostazol)


The main active ingredient of Pletal pills, cilostazol, represents a class of inhibitors that aggregate platelets. The medication boosts exercise stress capacity, which is also assessed by the medical personnel as the maximum walking distance and pain-free walking distance (a running track is utilized to obtain fair results). In concordance with a range of laboratory placebo-controlled trials, the scientists have managed to prove that Pletal contributes to an average of 40 meters improvement in maximum walking distance. The results meet the requirements of improvement rate, which must exceed 100% in comparison with placebo to obtain the legally proved status. Though, a slightly weaker effect was monitored in case the patient suffered from diabetes.

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Pletal: indications for use

Mentioned below described the cases when Pletal is typically appointed:

• Post-stenting period (in combination with aspirin).

• Intermittent claudication

Currently, pharmacists and scientists also consider the prospects medicament’s application for recurrent stroke prevention, thrombosis and restenosis after reconstructive vascular surgery, as well as a part of complex post-stroke syndromes treatment.

The drug’s active ingredient has also proved its vasodilator effect in clinical trials that involved using strain gauge plethysmography applied to examine lower extremities bloodstream. Pletal also promotes the inhibition of smooth muscles cells proliferation. A series of clinical studies proved the fact that cilostazol makes a direct contribution to reversible inhibition of platelet aggregation.

Additionally, the preparation makes a positive impact on lipids that circulate in the plasma. The administration of the drug accelerates the triglycerides concentration level reduction as well as boosts HDL-cholesterol level. What is even more important, the prolonged use of the medicament has not facilitated the lethality level growth among the patients comparing to placebo.

Pletal administration

Pletal pills are produced in the form of capsules, tablets and triangles. It is typically recommended to take a daily dose of 100mg no less than 30 minutes before food intakes. The reduction of dosage is appointed in case the preparation is taken along with a range of inhibitors, including ketoconazole, erythromycin and etc. (consult your doctor on the issue of combinative treatment). Pletal pills should be swallowed entirely, though the tablet may be halved in case swallowing is not possible.

The effect becomes predominantly becomes noteworthy in the period from 14 days to 1 month after the beginning of the course. This way or the other, the optimal course of treatment is appointed for 12 – 14 weeks to achieve the stable, desirable results.

Pletal precautions

The patients with heart failure must refrain from taking a Pletal course, which is explained by the clear inotropic effect the medication provides, contributing to death rate among such patients. Administering the preparation in pregnant women is not recommended, since the range of studies conducted in rats unveiled the possible negative impacts on fetus. Taking Pletal is also not recommended to women in lactation periods since the medication’s ingredients penetrate breast milk.

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