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Prazosin is vasodilator providing hypotensive effect and used for the treatment and prophylaxis of the cardiovascular diseases.

The action of Prazosin is characterized by peripheral vasodilation (vascular distention). Prazosin beneficially differs from most modern hypotensive drugs because it dilates not only arterial vessels but also venous ones. It makes the work of the heart easier and removes the additional load to the cardiac muscle because the venous blood flow to the heart and peripheral resistance are reduced.

Prazosin does not affect the changing of the blood minute volume and does not cause tachycardia.

Prazosin is able to stop pathologic processes in the cardiovascular system and remove the main cause of the myocardial infarction and cerebral accident.

The hypotensive effect is developed within the first week of the treatment. Prazosin is ineffective during the arresting of the hypotensive crisis and is used as the maintaining product during the arterial hypertension. In 4-6 weeks of the Prazosin the patient experiences a stable hypotensive effect which lasts even after the end of the drug application.

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Directions for the use

Prazosin is prescribed for the treatment of the arterial hypertension and treatment and prophylaxis of the chronic heart failure. In case of the treatment of the chronic heart failure Prazosin may be used in the combined therapy but the daily dose should be decreased during the use of two or more drugs.


Prazosin is used according to the instruction to maintain a stable arterial pressure only after examination. It is needed to make sure that you have no contraindications and individual intolerance of the active ingredients of Prazosin.

- The treatment is started from the minimal dose of Prazosin 0,5 mg a day.

- In case of no side effects, the dose is increased up to 1 mg of Prazosin a day in 2-3 days

- Depending on the level of the severity of the arterial hypertension and heart failure, the maintaining dose may vary from 3 to 20 mg of Prazosin a day. Prazosin is used before sleeping, and a patient lays at least 2 hours after the drug use. The therapeutic effects may happen suddenly and cause faint due to the sudden lowering of the arterial pressure.

The daily dose should be increased gradually following the clinical image of the disease and reaction of the body to the high dose. If the side effects or severe hypotensive effect appear, the daily dose may be decreased.

The use of Prazosin may be contraindicated people with:

- Cardiac anomaly

- Pericarditis

- Arterial hypotension

- Hyponatremia

In these cases, Prazosin should be replaced by another medical product.

Prazosin is contraindicated during pregnancy. If it is needed to take the drug during lactation, it is necessary to consult a doctor and terminate the breast feeding.

Side effects

Prazosin may cause the same side effects as most other vasodilating drugs: dizziness, weakness, anxiety, hallucinations, emotional disorders, and headache. These side effects pass quickly and mildly. But the patient does not feel discomfort in case of the proper use of Prazosin.

In case of the high sensitivity to Prazosin or high doses of the drug, more expressed side effects may appear: blackout, buzzing, short breathing, peripheral edema, skin rash, itching, faint, priapism, and muscle weakness.

If these side effects cause anxiety, the consultation of a doctor is needed.

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