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Prometrium (Progesterone)


The generic name for Prometrium is Progestrone. It is also called by other brand names like Puregest. This medicine is mainly manufactured from Yam plant. Progestrone is mainly responsible for the manufacturing of female sex organs called Progestrone. The Progestrone facilitates the normal functioning of reproductive system. This medicine helps in safeguarding the uterus lining. Because of less amount of Progestrone, some woman experience irregular menustral cycle. This problem can be rectified by administering Prometrium.

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Do follow the advice of the doctor for taking Prometrium. As per the physician’s prescribed dosage take Prometrium . It can be taken orally. Though Prometrium can be taken with or without food. Since medicines are normally taken after meals, it is advisable to take Prometrium after meals. The Prometrium regularly and never miss a dose. If due to unavoidable circumstances, you need to skip a dose, stick to the original normal dose schedule. Never take two doses at a stretch, in one schedule. Preserve the Prometrium medicine in a chill dried out place and protect it from direct sunlight and warmth.


Prior to taking the Prometrium dosage, consult the doctor and tell frankly if you are allergic to any medicines. Prometrium ought to be avoided if you are suffering from cervical or breast cancer. Do tell the Physcian if any of your family members is suffering from breast cancer, since it is a hereditary disease. Breast feeding woman should stay away from taking Prometrium. Since the milk spreads the infection to the child, utmost care should be taken. Likewise conceived ladies also should stay away from Prometrium as it may affect the foetus. Likewise, Old people particularly of 65 years of and above should avoid taking Prometrium as it may alter their health since elderly people are prone to cancer, normally heavy dose drugs should be avoided. It is like “back to square one” the old people are like newborn infants not only physically but also mentally. Hence utmost care should be taken while giving treatment for the elders. Prometrium should be strictly given as per the recommended dosage to any individual irrespective of the gender or age.

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