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For patients who think about taking Propranolol, you should understand that itís an effective beta-adrenergic blocking medication used to treat such medical conditions as angina, hypertension, irregular heartbeat and some neurologic ailments. Before you decide to undergo this treatment, itís necessary to get more information about it.

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Recommendations for Use

Basically, Propranolol works by blocking the functions of specific natural chemicals in the body if they affect blood vessels and your heart. This is what allows this medicine to decrease your blood pressure and heart rate. Interested in its correct use? You should take it orally, before your meals, a few times a day and according to the recommendations of your doctor.

Precautions and Contraindications

Before you start taking Propranolol, you should inform your healthcare provider if you have any allergic reactions to any beta blocker. Besides, your doctor needs to know everything about your medical history, especially if it includes heart and breathing problems, heart rhythm issues, kidney and liver diseases, overactive thyroid, blood circulation complications, tumors, mental disorders, specific nerve or muscle ailments and so on.

Before undergoing any surgery or other medical manipulations, you should inform doctors about this kind of treatment. If youíre diagnosed with diabetes, keep in mind that Propranolol may prevent the heartbeat that you usually feel when blood sugar levels decrease. This means that its intake can make it more difficult to control these levels, and thatís why they should be checked on a regular basis. Your anti-medication plan and nutrition should be adjusted too.

This medication can make you feel dizzy so that itís not advisable to drive a car or perform other activities that require your full attention. Donít forget to limit your consumption of alcohol, especially if you have the history of substance abuse. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, Propranolol should be taken only when itís really needed because of possible risks.

Drug Interactions

When consulting your doctor about its intake, you should make a list of other medications and supplements that youíre taking. Thatís because there are certain meds that may interact with it, such as alpha blockers, anticholinergics, aluminum hydroxide, diazepam, calcium channel blockers, anti-seizure drugs, pills to treat hypertension, heart medications, thyroid hormones and others. Itís always necessary to read labels of other meds to ensure that they donít contain any components that may increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Finally, Propranolol may interfere with your lab tests leading to their false results.

Side Effects

There are certain side effects that can be experienced by those patients who take this drug, including, dizziness, unusual tiredness, lightheadedness, vomiting, nausea, vision changes, stomach pain, difficulty sleeping and so on. Another important detail is that this treatment may decrease the blood flow to your feet and hands, thus, making them feel cold, and smoking usually worsens this adverse effect. You should dress warmly and avoid this habit if you feel this symptom. The good news is that most of those patients who take Propranolol donít feel any inconveniences at all. Pay attention to serious adverse effects associated with its use, such as blue fingers, swelling, mood changes, fainting, easy bruising, aching, slow heartbeat, numbness, weight gain, increased urination, etc.

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