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Protein Hair Cream


Protein Hair Cream effectively nourishes hair due to the components included in the drug. This remedy for strengthening and improvement of the hair growth is produced on the natural basis using only vegetable components. Due to this the skin of the head and hair follicles get the natural strength and become stronger, thicker, and more beautiful. A regular use of Protein Hair Cream will make hair soft, volume, healthy and naturally brilliant. This remedy is not effective for severe forms of alopecia because it does not cure of this illness. However it helps to prevent alopecia keeping a healthy hair growth and vital power.

Cream includes:

- Chickpea one of the richest vegetable sources of protein. It helps to improve the hair growth;

- wheat germ contains a lot of protein and Vitamin E, and due to this hair become strong and a risk of its loss is reduced;

- Phyllunthus emblita is antioxidant and makes hair strong by improving the natural growth;

- Eclipta effects on the roots of the hair by strengthening it and protecting hair against fragility

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Protein Hair Cream can be used to prevent fragility of hair, split ends of hair, and also loss of hair. It is recommended to use this cream for hair styling especially if hair is dry and lifeless. It is very easy to use this cream. Apply Protein Hair Cream to the skin of the head by slow massaging movements. The cream may not be rubbed in until the complete absorption by the skin. This remedy is well absorbed and does not leave spots on your skin. It is necessary to use Protein Hair Cream regularly to achieve good results. It is better to apply the cream for the night before going to bed. It suits all types of hair without exceptions. In the course of the different clinical studies this protein cream has been tested by patients with coloured hair and wave. The efficiency of the drug action was on the same level in comparison with non coloured hair.


Protein Hair Cream does not have contraindications and is totally harmless. Even the excessive use of this remedy will not cause itching or redness. Natural extracts of this remedy for the hair strengthening will provide you with a high pharmacological safety. The cream can be applied even during pregnancy. But if you have allergy to protein, it is not recommended to use this remedy because the allergic reaction may occur.

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