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Pruflox (Prulifloxacin)


Pruflox is a modern antibiotic which is used for the treatment of stomach upset and disorder of digestive system. Often, this drug is used for calming of the stomach and reduction of diarrhea symptoms. There is a type of microorganisms which affect gastrointestinal tract and it is difficult to detect them. Consequently, there is infection which causes severe symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Generic name Pruflox prulifloxacin. This drug is one of the best antibiotics and belongs to the group of fluroquinolones. A special advantage of prulifloxacin is a minimal probability of occurrence of antibiotic-resistant strain in bacteria. Often, Pruflox is used at the treatment of colon bacillus infection. The drug penetrates into tissues and liquids of the body quickly and effectively and destroys bacteria and reduces symptoms of the severe infectious diseases.

In the course of the clinical studies it was proved that the pharmacological action of this strong antibiotic has a high level of safety which is manifested in a good tolerance of the active components of the drug.

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As Pruflox belongs to the strongest antibiotics it must be taken only after the prior consultation of experienced medical professional. After mixed examination of your body and detection of the cause of the disease a correct dosage of the antibiotic and course of the treatment can be prescribed.

The initial dosage of Pruflox is 600 mg once a day. The drug has a long period of breakdown and therefore one tablet per day is enough even for the severest forms of infection. Every tablet should be taken with a full glass of water. The course of the treatment is 7-10 days depending on the reaction of the body to the treatment.


Precautions of Pruflox should be indicated by your doctor according to the results of the clinical examination of your body. Depending on the personal tolerance of the active components of the antibiotic a health care provider can restrict the use of this drug.

- the dose must be reduced to the safest and most effective one at severe/acute diseases of liver/kidney.

- It is not recommended to take Pruflox during pregnancy as it may harm fetus.

- Taking the drug during lactation it is necessary to use bottle-feeding of a child

- If you have allergy to any component of the antibiotic, the use of Pruflox is contraindicated

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