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Punarnava is a medication, which contains 100% natural ingredients. Each component of the drug has numerous pharmaceutical properties, which help achieve final results. The medication has been widely used as Ayurveda treatment of numerous ailments. The leaves of Punarnava plant can be eaten as a vegetable, while the route is effective in treatment of urinary tract disorders, rheumatism, encephalitis, asthma, leucorrhea and similar conditions. Besides, the drug features a range of clinical, antimicrobial and pharmacological properties.

Generally, the treatment is approved to be safe and effective in treatment of numerous health disorders. Most commonly, Punarnava is prescribed to people with nephrotic syndrome and urinary tract infections. The drug can work as a diuretic, with extra antimicrobial, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, recurrent or chronic urinary tract disorders can be easily improved by the medication.

According to the results of studies, herbal composition of the drug advances serum protein levels, decreasing the urinary protein excretion. Besides, the medication is claimed to decrease edema related to kidney disorders.

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Recommendations for Use

Start the medication course with doctor’s consultation. Since Punarnava is a relatively new remedy, its influence on the body has not been fully studied. Thus, supervision of a qualified medical specialist is inevitable for a successful and flawless treatment course. Your doctor should be warned about all the current health disorders and impairments you have, as some of them can contribute to Punarnava therapy in the most negative way.

Follow all the safety recommendations and doctor’s instructions during the course. Never change the prescription, as it can activate certain adverse reactions and harmful results. The dose will be individually adjusted for every single patient, though, on average, 1 capsule used two times a day is enough for a progressive therapy.

Precautions and Contraindications

Punarnava is a 100% natural remedy, which contains only herbal components. Therefore, the medication is generally safe for use and is not likely to trigger complications. However, certain illnesses, health disorders and ailments can influence the therapy in the most negative way, stimulating the occurrence of dangerous complications. Tell your doctor about all the accompanying issues you are currently experiencing.

Punarnava should never be taken by people, who are allergic to its ingredients. Additionally, the drug should be cautiously administered by pregnant and breastfeeding women. The treatment is not approved for people under 18 years old.

Drug Interactions

Provide the doctor with details of other prescription and non-prescription drugs, supplements, herbal products, vitamins and similar pharmaceuticals you are using, as they can also impact the treatment course. Never combine Punarnava with other drugs, unless your doctor advises you so.

Side Effects

Serious allergic reactions with swelling, breathing impairments, itching, hives and others can appear after Punarnava use. The issue can start bothering patients, who are sensitive to the drug components, as well as the ones, who have overused the medication.

Despite the remedy seems to be safe and promote only mild reactions, you need to contact your healthcare specialist the moment you have noticed any mild to severe complications or condition aggravation.

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