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100% Pure Okinawan Coral Calcium


Calcium, as most of us know, is fundamental in the construction and maintenance of our teeth and bones. However its function in the human body is not limited to these alone. Calcium is vital in maintaining the slight alkalinity in our body systems that's crucial for optimum performance of body functions. Deficiency in calcium alone can lead to indigestion, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart diseases, Alzheimer's, muscle cramps, hypertension, osteoporosis, cholesterol build up and kidney stones among several other ailments which are thoroughly researched and documented.

The medical profession prescribes calcium as an important dietary intake to avoid these conditions. It is largely taken in through milk, fruits and supplemental carbonate or citrate pills. But the absorption rates of calcium from these sources are in the low double digits percentages area. Most of the calcium from these foods is unabsorbed and eliminated from our bodies.

Astoundingly enough, the absorption rate of calcium from Okinawan coral calcium in human bodies is in the high 90 percents. Almost all the Okinawan coral calcium is collected from the reefs of Okinawa region of Japan and is considered the best source of coral calcium among many other types of it. The ready absorption of calcium in the human body through 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium is aided by its ionization, porous structure and the presence of several trace elements in it. These trace elements in it act as catalysts for ready calcium absorption and optimize several other bodily functions on their own too. 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium's contains much Magnesium, which in addition to speeding the absorption of Calcium in the body, also carries out independent activities for healthy bodily functions. Okinawan coral calcium is known as Sango calcium locally in the Okinawa region.

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If we think that our bodily organs and systems are working adequately at this time even without enough calcium intakes or dietary supplements, there is a reason for it. Our body may be intelligently grabbing calcium from our bones and teeth when it feels short on calcium to maintain its functions. This in the long run would reveal itself as osteoporosis or several other minor or major life threatening ailments.

A normal adult would require about 1000 mg of calcium intake each day. After 50 years of age, it has to be increased to 1200 mg per day. Accordingly, 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium is also recommended with the same proportions on a daily basis or by your doctor's recommendation. It is to be taken before a meal with water. It is an over the counter prescription so it's easily bought and consumed for better bodily functions, health and youthfulness.

Side Effects

Side effects of Okinawan coral calcium have been observed and documented in some users of this dietary supplement. Dry mouth in some and nausea have been observed. The most common is relating to constipation and flatulence. For those who have a propensity to build up stones in the gall bladder or kidneys, the possibility of actually forming them is increased with the presence of excess unabsorbed calcium in the body.

However these possibilities can be reduced substantially with the increased intake of water during the day when consuming 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium.


Depending on the environment from which it is sourced, it could contain lead in dangerous levels. Sometimes coral calcium that is positioned as 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium may not actually be 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium but just a pretender that has been collected from the ocean floor. Such coral calcium could just sedimented calcium carbonate from ocean floor, instead of genuine 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium. They can cause damage to health and such pretenders should be restricted in the market and their use by consumers.

Buyers have to be careful to ensure that they are indeed buying 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium that is well known for its calcium and trace elemental health benefits.

Moreover it is better for buyers of coral calcium to take advise from their doctor based on their health, whether to take it and if so, how much. This will help them to use 100% pure Okinawan coral calcium safely in the light of any pre-conditions of health, which are to be considered before using it as a dietary supplement.

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