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Ralista (Raloxifene)


Ralista serves an effective treatment that influences the bone formation process and breakdown in the body. Additionally, Raloxifene, the active ingredient of the treatment, is responsible for the management of bone tissue. Consequently, the medication is prescribed to prevent or treat osteoporosis and related disorders. The treatment is frequently used by postmenopausal women. Besides, the remedy is administered in order to decrease the risk of breast cancer in the same category of patients, especially the ones affected by osteoporosis. However, Ralista is not a cancer treatment. Consult your healthcare provider about other Ralista uses.

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It is inevitable to follow the doctor’s prescription and related safety concerns to ensure the safest treatment course. Any violations may trigger undesirable reactions and health complications. Do not change the adjustment, including dose, length of the therapy and other specifications. Considering individual peculiarities of patients’ health, Ralista doses will differ greatly. Nevertheless, overall intake recommendations remain the same. Thus, the treatment can be administered with or without food. To achieve the maximal possible results, Ralista should be used approximately at the same time daily.

Inform your physician about the medication intake, as it can change the results of certain medical tests. Keep in mind that it is only a single part of the whole therapy. Accompany the pharmaceutical intake by regular exercises, weight-control exercises, calcium intake and other issues. Undergo a full treatment course to completely treat the disorder without its possible reappearance.


Consult your healthcare provider primarily to Ralista use. Certain categories of patients should not take the drug, including patients, allergic to its active components, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the ones who have not had menopause so far. Men and children should also avoid the medication administration.

The treatment may advance the risk of fatal stroke, so warn your doctor about diabetes, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, abnormal blood pressure and similar complications that you have and which may serve reasons for the condition development. Besides, inform your doctor about all the other illnesses and health impairments you are diagnosed with, including high triglycerides, stroke, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, heart-related conditions, etc.

Drug Interactions

Provide the physician with details of other prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins, minerals, pharmaceutical supplements and herbal products you are using. Some treatments may interact with Ralista decreasing its effectiveness or even triggering severe side effects. In order to avoid possible complications, inform your healthcare specialist about other drugs you administer, paying ultimate attention to Tranexamic acid, Lenalidomide, Bexarotene, Pomalidomide, Thalidomide and others.

Side Effects

Call your doctor immediately in case Ralista intake resulted in appearance of significant health problems, such as symptoms of stroke, lumps, breast changes, signs of blood clots in the legs or lungs, excess sweating, leg cramps, joint pain, hot flashes and others. Seek emergency medical attention if any symptom of allergic reaction started bothering you after Ralista administration. Report other disorders and complications to your healthcare provider.

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