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Ranolazine (Ranozex)


Ranolazine (trade name: Ranexa) is a drug that is either used alone or along with other medications to treat ongoing chest pain or angina. The antianginal medication is currently manufactured by Gilead Sciences following the acquisition of CV Therpeutics, the developer of the drug. The USFDA approved ranolazine for use in treating chronic angina pectoris in 2006.

Ranolazine may be prescribed by doctors for use in combination with nitrates, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, lipid-lowering therapy, antiplatelet therapy, angiotensin receptor blockers and ACE inhibitors. Ranolazine helps to bring down the episodes of angina in individuals who are suffering from coronary artery disease and are taking maximal amlodipine doses. It has been observed that ranolazine helps to increase exercise-tolerance levels of individuals who are taking concomitant atenolol, diltiazem or amlodipine in addition to decreasing angina episodes.

Since ranolazine does not change the blood pressure or heart rate significantly, unlike other medications indicated for the treatment of angina such as beta blockers and nitrates, it is particularly good for individuals experiencing angina who are not responding even to maximum tolerated doses of other antianginal drugs.

The metabolism of ranolazine takes place in the liver and it works by altering the intracellular levels of sodium. When the blood flow to the heart is reduced, the drug acts to prevent calcium overload, by affecting the calcium channels that are sodium dependent, which cause damage to heart muscles. Ranolazine has also been found to be effective in treating neuropathic pain because of its effects on sodium levels.

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Take the ranolazine exactly as prescribed by the doctor or physician. Ranolazine is available in the form of extended release tablets and are to be taken orally twice a day along with food or otherwise. The dosage range is 500 mg to 1000 mg. It is important to take ranolazine at about the same time every day.

The whole ranolazine tablet must be swallowed without breaking, chewing or crushing it. Individuals on ranolazine should not take two doses at a time, if they happen to miss one dose. They can skip the missed ranolazine dose and return to the regular schedule. The physician may start a patient on a low dose of ranolazine and then gradually increase dosage. Ranolazine should not be taken when experiencing a sudden angina attack.

The drug may be helpful only in controlling the condition of an individual with chronic angina, but it is not a cure. Therefore, ranolazine is to be continued even if the patient feels better. Patients who have liver cirrhosis or are taking some azole antifungals should not use ranolazine.

Patients who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and breast feeding; taking nonprescription or prescription medicine; have allergies, history of kidney and liver problems; on antipsychotic medication, etc., must inform the doctor prior to taking ranolazine. Patients must keep the ranolazine medication in its original packing, tightly closed, out of children's reach, away from excess moisture and heat and at room temperature. Patients who are on ranolazine should not drink grapefruit juice and avoid other grapefruit products.

Side Effects

Less serious ranolazine side effects of ranolazine are:

Headache, mild dizziness or spinning sensation

Dry mouth

Vomiting, mild nausea, constipation and stomach pain


Ringing in the ears

Patients must immediately call their doctors if they experience any of the following serious ranolazine side effects:

Feel as though they might pass out

Swelling in hands, feet or ankles

Fast, slow or pounding heartbeats

Tremors or shaking

Blood in urine

Not urinating at all or urinating less than usual

Shortness of breath

Skin rash, severe tingling, bruising, numbness, muscle weakness and pain

This is not a comprehensive list of side effects of ranolazine. Patients must check with their doctors to have a thorough understanding of the side effects of the drug.

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