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Relafen (Nabumetone)


Relafen is antipyretic drug that can be used in case of difference inflammatory diseases connected to locomotor apparatus, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Drug is not prescribed for reducing of body temperature in case of virus or inflectional diseases, because it has completely another pharmacologic action.

This drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiplatelet effect. Antipyretic action is explained by increasing of heat irradiation of organism, but not decreasing of body heat as some others do. Analgesic effect appears in result of pain threshold increasing and reducing of bradykinin and histamine concentration. Relafen quickly and completely is absorbed from gastrointestinal tract and begins its action after couple of hours. After using it is pulled out usually by kidneys during 48 hours.

Clinical researches of drug’s pharmacological properties proved high safety of action. Majority of patients who had used this drug marked good tolerance of drug and absence of some possible side effects. Rare side effects appeared in case of overdose, because of violation of precaution measure and recommendations of drug’s use. In case of overdose appearance, it is needed urgently to remove this drug from stomach by arousal of vomiting or stomach lavage.

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Relafen is prescribed by attending doctor after preliminary complex survey of patient’s organism. You attending doctor must to identify the reason of sick condition and only after all to prescribe dose of medicine.

• It is needed to use Relafen pills inside, after eating.

• Dosage for adults is 1g at once

• In some cases dose can be increased till 1,5 – 2g a day in two taking.

• Maximal Relafen dose is 2 g a day and it is prescribed for patients without contradictions or side effects.


Before use of this drug, it is needed carefully to learn contradictions to use.

• For patients with hypersensitivity to Relafen components, this drug is forbidden. Otherwise, there appears risk of side effects.

• In case of stomach disease and duodenal ulcers, bronchial asthma, cardiovascular system, arterial hypertension, kidney failure, insomnia, and mental disorders, this drug is required to use carefully under close supervision of qualified medical worker.

• For women in period of pregnancy and breast feeding, also for children, Relafen is completely contradicted.

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