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Requip (Ropinirole)


Requip is the brand name for ropinerole HCL which is a generic medication commonly used to treat patients with Parkinson's disease. Requip works by imitating the effects of the chemical called dopamine which is naturally in the body. Lower levels of dopamine in the brain have been connected with Parkinson's disease.

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Benefits of Requip

If you are going to take Requip for your Parkinson's disease it can decrease your tremors and improve your mobility. It could also reduce your incidents of not being able to move. Additionally, this medication has been very effective for treating the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Patients found it easier to fall asleep because they did not have the urge to move their legs and they didn't experience any leg pain. They reported that it improved the quality of their sleep because they slept better throughout the night.


Requip is widely used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, which includes tremors, muscle spasm, muscle stiffness, muscle control and balance problems. Requip has also been used as a treatment for restless legs syndrome. Requip medication has been used for other health conditions like peripheral neuropathy.

A patient can be prescribed the standard Requip tablet or the XL-tablet (extended-release) that is designed to allow the medication to be absorbed gradually into the body. Many patients with Parkinson's disease are prescribed the Requip XL-tablets while others take the regular tablets three times a day. If you are taking Requip for your restless legs syndrome you will probably be prescribed the regular tablets, and will only have to take one a day. It is recommended that you take Requip on an empty stomach. But, you can have a light snack to prevent an upset stomach.

A number of patients begin taking Requip with a starter kit that has varying doses of this medicine. Each pill will be labeled for taking it on a particular day, like day one and day two, etc. This method is widely used so patients can gradually increase their dosage. It's important to follow the directions for Requip starter kit pills because of the varying doses.

Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should not take Requip. In addition, women who are breast-feeding should not use Requip, since it can cause a decrease in breast milk. As of 2011, it's not known if Requip is dangerous to unborn babies.

Side Effects

There are some associated side effects that could occur when using Requip and they need to be reported to your prescribing physician when they are continual or end up become very severe. Some of the most common side effects that some patients have experienced are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased sense of touch, uncontrollable body movements, confusion, and heartburn.

While some others have noticed a decrease in appetite, weight loss, drowsiness, sleeplessness, and general weakness. Some patients have reported falling asleep suddenly, especially after feeling very alert. Difficulty in urinating, frequent urination, muscle pain, joint pain, as well as swelling of the arms and legs have also been documented.

More severe side effects of Requip could also occur and you should seek immediate medical treatment when you experience them. These could include shortness of breath, double vision, and chest pain. Fainting and hallucinations could also occur. Some other patients have experienced an irregular heartbeat, rapid heartbeat and difficulty swallowing.

There are some additional complications that have been associated with the use of Requip. There is a risk for developing thickening or scarring of the lungs and heart valves. Patients could also have an increased chance of developing melanoma, which is a form of skin cancer. Other individuals have experienced compulsive behavior incidents like increased sexual or gambling urges.

It's important for you to disclose to your physician all of your medical conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, low blood pressure, kidney disease, compulsive behaviors, mental illness, liver disease or if you smoke, before you start taking Requip. Requip can interact with other medications like hormonal contraceptives, levodopa, and ciprofloxacin. You also need to tell your doctor about any medications or supplements that you are taking because these could also interfere with Requip.

Buying Requip Online

You can easily purchase Requip or ropinerole HCL online at very reasonable prices. Online pharmacies are able to offer lower prices for Requip because they can get their medications from many different manufacturers around the world. The product and packaging may look slightly different, however, you can be reassured you will be receiving top quality products. You also can get your purchase price refunded if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason.

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