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Riconia (Sodium Borate)


Riconia is vitamin-mineral complex that is used for supporting of organism’s health. This supplement is indispensable medication for increasing of immunity, improving work of internal organs, brain, strengthening of bones, joints and for improving of cardiovascular system’s work. Great list of active ingredients of Riconia tells about high effectiveness of medication and its useful properties. To be sure in positive properties of remedy, it is required to learn substances which are included in contain of this bio-supplement. Riconia contains:

• calcium phosphate

• chloride

• copper

• chrome

• iodine

• Manganese

• Iron

• Phosphorus

• Zinc

• Vitamins A, B1, B12, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, D, H, and many others.

This is not a full list of substances which are used in production of Riconia, but these are the most useful substances which will improve the work of your organism. As it seeing, this drug is created on base of natural plants and extracts, and particularly as a bio-supplement that has a complex of minerals for strengthening of organism and vitamins for improvement of emotional and physical health, This drug is marked as one of the best drugs for hyperactivity treatment of thyroid. From organism harmful substances are leaded out, internal organs begin to work better, and a person begins to live a new life and all these is due to Riconia.

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Riconia is used as any other medication or bio-supplement. This drug is produced in capsules for oral use. It is recommended to prematurely consult with your doctor or pharmacist and to get know better how to use this drug and to reach maximal results. Average dosage of Riconia 10-15mg in a day, divided in 2-3 uses.


• Contradictions to use of medicine is hypersensitivity to any substances which are included in contain of drug and also hypervitaminosis.

• Some substances such as: tetracycline, anticoagulants, mineral oil can react with ingredients of drug; therefore it is needed to limit use of these substances during the treatment by Riconia.

• Side effects can appear only in case of individual intolerance of substances included in contain of Riconia, that’s why premature consultation with doctor will save the treatment course.

• For getting of additional information, please consult with doctor or pharmacist

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