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Serevent (Salmeterol)


Serevent is a bronchodilatory medical product used for the treatment of the severe forms of the bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive disease of the lungs. The drug is released in the form of aerosol for the inhalations with doser. The main direction of the pharmacological action of the drug is a broadening of the respiratory tracts and removal of the inflammation. The components of the drug penetrate into the respiratory tract through inhaler and this increases the speed of the pharmacological effect onset and reduces the disease symptoms. Serevent relaxes the smooth muscles of the respiratory tracts and reduces spasms. The duration of the drug action is about 12 hours. Within this period of time a patient may not worry about the breathing.

It is very important to use Serevent at night for long and full sleep. Now you do not have to wake up in order to use inhaler or take a tablet for breathing.

Serevent reduces asphyxia in a couple of minutes after inhalation. In the course of the studies of the medical efficiency of the drug FDA has proved it for sale and now this medical product can be seen almost in any pharmacy.

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Serevent can be taken for the treatment of the chronic diseases of the lungs as well as for the removal of the acute attacks of asphyxia. You can always keep close at hand the inhaler, and in case of the necessity you can use this drug. Before using aerosol it is necessary to look through the guidelines for the use of the drug. It is better to turn to a doctor and have a required consultation for getting an individual prescription and recommendations for the use.

- adults are prescribed inhalations in dose of 50-100 mcg 2 times a day

- children over 4 years are prescribed 25050 mcg 2 times a day

Often this drug is prescribed for a long treatment of the diseases of the respiratory tracts.


- The drug must be taken with care in case of the severe forms of the bronchial asthma for reduction of bronchospasms. Sometimes the speed of the action onset may be not enough for the reduction of the symptoms, therefore it is advisable to have additional drugs.

- Do not take Serevent if you have allergy to the active components containing in the drug

- Avoid the eye area

- The therapeutic effect may be reduced in case of the cooling of inhaler, and therefore it is necessary to take care of the place of the storage.

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