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Hepatoprotectors refer to pharmaceuticals, which tend to reinforce the stability of hepatocytes to the effects of these or other damaging agents. Besides, this group of drugs also tends to restore functional activity of hepatocytes, if they have been subjected to numerous negative damaging factors. One of the most powerful hepatoprotective agents of natural origin is a drug, called Silibinin.

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Brief info about Silibinin

In most cases this drug is used for the treatment of liver cirrhosis. By acting on the human body it can not only reduce asthenovegetative violations, but also the dyspeptic effects and improve appetite. With the help of this hepatoprotective medication it is possible to normalize gammaglobulin and cholesterol level in the blood. In addition to the hepatoprotective properties, this drug is also inherent very long antipyretic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and analgesic effect. These functions are especially effective against the viruses that cause hepatitis A, B and E.

What are the indications for Silibinin use?

The drug can be used not only for the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, but also in the control of acute and chronic forms of various pathogenic hepatitis. It is used in case of presence of disease of viral etiology. Pediatricians prescribe generic Silibinin treatment in high or moderate cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Clinical studies and expertsí evaluation of Silibinin

Numerous clinical studies have established that tablet restores the liver cells and weakens the negative impact of hepatotoxins, as well as normalizes the indicators of structural and functional state of the hepatobiliary system. Even prolonged use of the drug does not infringe the normal operation of all other systems and organs of the body. Hepatoprotective pill is recommended to be taken for three months or more. The results of the study proved its effectiveness in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. Significantly increased 4-year survival, compared with the control group. Steatosis and cirrhosis of the liver are chronic diseases and require long-term (over a year) or permanent cure. Numerous randomized trials in 40 countries, involving more than 5,000 patients, demonstrated a better safety profile during constant administration of generic Silibinin.

What is the mechanism of Silibinin action?

Effect of Silibinin on liver cells (and, as found on other cell types) may be reduced to the following types:

* antioxidant effect;

* direct and indirect (through antioxidant effects) modulatory effects on inflammation and fibrogenesis;

* direct or indirect effect on metabolic processes in hepatocytes.

Silibinin dosage schedule

This medication dose is set individually. Adults are prescribed from 70-140mg 2-3 times a day and children - 30-100mg 3 times a day. During pregnancy and lactation drug is prescribed only on strict conditions and after a careful assessment of the benefit / risk ratio.

What are the contraindications to the use of Silibinin?

Hepatoprotective agent should not be used for violations of renal excretory function. All those people who have had a marked hypersensitivity to any components of Silibinin should also refused from treatment.

Possible side effects of Silibinin

As for the possible side effects, that can become visible during the course of therapy with this pharmaceutical product, there are usually dyspeptic symptoms, as well as violations of the process of digestion. These side reactions occur rarely. Despite the fact that the drug is considered to be one of the safest hepatic medication, in any case, its use must be negotiated with the specialist.

Silibinin (as a single substance) is produced as medication or dietary supplement.

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