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Skelaxin (Metaxalone)


Metaxalone is the generic name for Skelaxin It is a muscle relaxant with very very little side effects. Skelaxin offers relief from muscle contraction that normally occurs in children who are above fourteen years of age Full grown adults also suffer from these spasms. Skelaxin functions effectively, when it is a part of a full fledged curing agenda that comprises of physical and rest rehabilitation. Instant relief is offered by Skelaxin in within one hour after consuming it. It also gives an enhanced range of movements, non hindrance of balance and attitude. Skelaxin is only a nominal sedation and it does not have any side effects other than slight sleepiness and drowsiness. It does not have any serious cardio vascular side effects.

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Consume Skelaxin as per the prescription given by your doctor in your prescription slip. If there is any doubt that needs to be clarified, do not hesitate to consult the doctor. Otherwise clarify your doubt with a pharmacist. The drug should be taken as directed by the physician. Daily Skelaxin should be taken three to four times. The tablet will be normally of 800mg in quantity.Skelaxin can be taken along with or without food. If the drug is taken along with food, a sense of giddiness and drowsiness prevails.


Skelaxin medicine should be taken strictly on the prescribed dose as suggested by your doctor or pharmacist. Even a slight overdose of Skelaxin may cause serious repercussions on your body. The indications of overdose of this drug can be studied by certain symptoms like Giddiness, low breathing, intense drowsiness, nausea and other physical disorders. The patient should strictly follow the Skelaxin dose. If due to some avoidable reason, if he had skipped any dose, then he should return back to the normal schedule. But he should not take the missed dosage Taking two doses at the same time is not advisable. The pregnant ladies and milk giving mothers should abstain from the Skelaxin drug. Through breast mike the new born infants may get affected. Elderly people should refrain from taking this drug. Hence utmost care and precautionary measures should be followed while taking this Sakelaris drug

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