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Sleep Tea


Sleep Tea is a calming mixture of the vegetable components which will help you to relax, take a rest and fall asleep quickly and easily. Only one cup of the aromatic 100% natural tea will make you forget about all your problems, and will dip you inside the world of the calmness and emotional state. Nowadays more and more people start using the natural methods of the struggle against insomnia and chronic fatigue, and herbal tea helps in this difficult task.

It is very difficult to fight with insomnia, and medicated methods are based on the artificial medications which are harmful for the body. Sleep Tea is exclusively made of the natural ingredients which are totally harmless and may not harm your body. Taking this tea of the vegetable herbs every day you will forget what insomnia is and will be able to return to your lifestyle and life rhythm without any side effects.

Natural herbs which are included in this tea are selected so that they are well combined with each other and have the same effect to the body. Due to the complex selection of the herbs it has been managed to gain such relaxing and tonic effect which helps a person to take a dive into the pleasant and light sleep.

Sleep Tea includes spicy sweets, lavender, chamomile, mint leaves, Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Rose Hip, raspberries leaves, Valerian Root Extract, and also many other plants and herbs. A peculiarity of this product is that it is made of the natural ingredients only, without additives and artificial ingredients. Due to this after awakening a person feels well, with enough sleep, and is ready to the mental and physical activity. You will not feel sluggishness, sleepiness, and other unpleasant symptoms of the poor tea.

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Sleep Tea should be taken directly before going to bed. If you feel fatigue and irritation within the day, you can take a cup of hot tea, calm down and do your business. For better result you can take the double dose.

Also, before you take a cup of tea it is recommended to take a hot bath with herbs and relax. Then just wrap a blanket around yourself and take a cup of tea and you will want to fall asleep. You will be able to forget about all daily concerns.

This tea can be drunk constantly as it is totally safe and so it will regulate your well-being.


Sleep Tea is not recommended for people who have any allergic reactions to the vegetable components included in this tea.

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