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Sleep Well


Most of the insomnia patients seek the help of sleeping pills to combat the same, but they donít know the fact that there are numerous inherent risks of taking sleeping pills. You need to realize that there is no such thing as a cure all sleeping tablet that works for everyone. But Sleep Well is exceptional. This is a natural therapy helping patients to go for deep sleep with no side effects. Sleep well provides deep sleep as it contains proprietary blend of pure standardized extracts. The main ingredients of Sleep ell includes Nardostchya Jatamanshi and Ferula Narthex, the herbs that help to sleep sound. Other herbal ingredients of Sleep Well are Withania Somnifera, Valeriana Wallichi, Piper Longam Root and Hyoscyamus Niger. The color of the pill is Brilliant Blue.

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In general Sleep Well is available as 40 pills bottle. If you want effective treatment for insomnia, you should strictly follow the instructions given by your health care provider or the pharmacist with regard to the dosage of the drug. As this herbal tablet gives strength to the nervous system, correct dosage should be adhered.

You should take 1 tablet in the morning followed by 2 tablets in the evening especially half-an-hour before going to bed. If you have forgotten to take dose, you can take it once you remembered. You can skip the missed dose, if it is already for your next dose. Donít take two doses at a time.

It is always advisable to store Sleep Well at room temperature especially away from light and heat.


The main advantage of Sleep Well is that it has no withdrawal as well as addiction problems. Moreover you wonít experience hangover or daytime drowsiness, which are the main side effects of chemical sleeping pills. Hitherto, there is no side-effects have been recorded with the usage of this wonder pill. If you come across any side-effects, call upon your physician or the pharmacist immediately to get relief from the same.

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