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Slimex (Sibutramine)


Slimex is the brand name for the generic drug sibutramine hydrochloride. This is also sold in brand names like Meridia and Reductil in the USA and Europe respectively. Sibutramine is used in the treatment of obesity. It is available in strengths of 15 mg and in boxes of 30 capsules. Slimex reduces your craving for food. This medicine is considered as a diet regulator.

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One capsule per day is the recommended dosage of Slimex. For better results it is recommended that you take Sibutramine with low fat diet and do some exercises regularly. Slimex can be taken with or without food and it is recommended to take this medicine in the morning. If you missed any dose of Sibutramine do continue with the next dose instead of taking that dose at some other time. Slimex is a prescription medication and hence do follow the instructions given by your doctor and stick to it. You can see a weight loss of 2 kg in the first month of taking Sibutramine. If not, do consult your doctor about your condition. Losing about half to one kg of weight in a week is a normal weight loss when taking Slimex.


People who have high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, kidney problems, liver problems, history of stroke and those who are taking MAOI should avoid taking Slimex. Some of the side effects that might occur if you take Sibutramine are blurred vision, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, dry mouth, painful menstruation, upset stomach, constipation, nervousness, and runny nose. Children below 16 years of age should not take Sibutramine. In very elderly people the effects of Slimex should be closely monitored. If you are pregnant or breast feeding consult your doctor for the effects of Slimex. If overweight is the result of some disease then it is not advised to take Slimex. People with overactive thyroid gland should not take Slimex. If you are taking any other medications that affects your alertness, or medicine for weight loss, or medicine for treating depression, you should not take Slimex.

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