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Spermamax helps in enhancing the health, count and mobility of the sperms. In addition to that, it also enhances a personís love life and gives him a greater self esteem and confidence. Spermamax is a powerful blend of key minerals, vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants. The medicine makes use of LJ100 which is a super potent high quality form of Tongkat Ali. This is an anti-oxidant herb which has been clinically proved for increasing the levels of testosterone, leading to improvement in spermatogenesis and sexual functionality in males. Spermamax is an entirely herbal natural supplement and not a steroid or drug. It has undergone tests via extensive studies of toxicology and is found to be 100% safe. Gonadotropins, that are pre-cursors for healthy production of hormones, are affected by it. Particularly, it helps in increasing free testosterone, unbinding bound testosterone, increasing progesterone and increasing 4-Androstenedione.

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You must follow the instructions that your pharmacist or doctor has given you for using this medicine. Remember that Spermamax has to be taken exactly as prescribed. Because it works as a dietary supplement, it is usually advised to take 3-4 capsules in a day for first month and after that, at least two capsules in a day. Usually, you will see an improvement in your fertility health only after using the medicine for at least 3 months. Spermamax does not lead to an increase in Dihydrotestosterone or shows any incidences of gynomasticia. After research, there have been no side effects reported related to the usage of Spermamax or its ingredients. However, Tongkat Ali is a yang heaty or diuretic and because it is a part of super class of the herbs, it is advisable to drink full glass of water with the medicine.


If you have forgotten to take a dose of Spermamax, you can take the next dose as per your regular schedule. It is not advisable to take 2 doses at a time. Spermamax has to be kept at normal room temperature and away from moisture and light.

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