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Violations of semen quality in 40 % of cases cause infertility in spouses. Important integrated approach in the treatment of male infertility: the elimination of genital inflammation, avoiding of harmful habits, active lifestyle, weight control, balanced diet, rich in vitamins.

Great impact on the quality of the sperm has the amino acid L- carnitine and its derivatives, so in treatment of infertility, it is recommended to take safe and natural biologically active food supplement - Spertinex.

To get more full energy growth and to enhance the sperm fertilizing capacity, Spertinex drug has L- carnitine and acetyl L- carnitine components, which allow to start action almost immediately after the reception. Thanks to this unique combination of optimally selected dose and production technology, Spertinex increases sperm concentration, motility and fertilizing ability. Spertinex is necessary not only to those men who have reduced sperm quality, but also to all those, who want to become a happy father of a healthy baby!

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The composition and properties of Spertinex

The composition of the drug complex Spertinex includes such biologically active substances as:

* L-carnitine: this vitamin-like natural compound enhances the natural metabolic processes in the male body, promotes full maturation and normal mobility of male germ cells, increases their cellular energy;

* Acetyl -L- carnitine: increases sperm motility, improves the process of maturation and allows the drug to act almost immediately after intake;

* Fructose is the main source of energy for the sperm, which increases their ability to fertilize;

* Citric acid provides normal viscosity of semen and activates the enzyme hyaluronidase, which helps the sperm to penetrate the egg.

This combination of Spertinex components can significantly improve the process of spermatogenesis - to increase the concentration of male germ cells, their morphology, motility and fertilization. According to some reports, the use of Spertinex drug increases pregnancy cases by more than 25%.

What are the indications for Spertinex use and how to take it?

This dietary supplement is used as an independent therapeutic agent and in complex therapy for the:

- treatment of disorders of spermatogenesis - asthenic- , oligo-, secretory azoospermia;

- correction of sperm abnormalities, associated with metabolic disorders;

- need to improve the quality of sperm in preparation for in vitro fertilization, donor and cryopreservation;

- idiopathic or unexplained male infertility.

Spertinex, according to the instructions, is taken orally with meals in the morning and evening for one tablet with a glass of water (or any other soft drink). In preparation for IVF and ICSI the supplement should be taken three times a day. Given that sperm matures in 74 days, uninterrupted course of treatment with Spertinex should be at least three months. The best results can be achieved by taking the drug for at least six months. During the course of treatment, in rare cases, there may be minor violations of the digestive tract - heartburn, bloating, stool disorders and pain in the stomach.

Contraindications Spertinex and additional information

- idiosyncrasy

- allergic reactions

- severe liver and kidney disorders

There are a lot of comments and opinions about the effectiveness of the drug: some people and physicians recommend it with no doubts, while others are confident in its complete ineffectiveness. As a dietary food supplement, Spertinex helps to strengthen the internal reserves of the body, improves the quality and quantity of sperm, but does not eliminate the underlying disease - the cause of infertility if it really is.

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