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Tiotropium Bromide


Tiotropium Bromide is the brand name for the generic drug tiotropium bromide which is use for respiratory inhalation. This is a powder form of drug that is available in capsules that can be used for inhalation only with an inhaling device such as HandiHaler. Tiotropium Bromide is available in packages of 5 capsules, 30 capsules, and 90 capsules. Each package comes with a HandiHaler device.

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Tiotropium Bromide is used for long term treatment of bronchospasm. People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease might need to use to enlarge the airways for smooth flow of air. The Meds capsules are to be used only with the HandiHaler device. They are not for taking by mouth.

The recommended dosage of Tiotropium Bromide capsule is one capsule a day. One capsule can be used for two inhalations in a day. The Tiotropium Bromide capsule is placed in the HandiHaler and pierced with the button given for that purpose in the HandiHaler and then inhaled. Each capsule contains about 18 mcg of tiotropium.


Make sure you are not have narrow angle glaucoma or enlarged prostrate before you use Tiotropium Bromide. If such conditions are found then there might be a need to adjust the dosage of Tiotropium Bromide before you use it. People who are allergic to tiotropium, atropine, and ipratropium should not use Tiotropium Bromide. Consult your doctor if you find that the use of Meds is not effective in treating the condition. Keep in mind that Tiotropium Bromide is used to prevent bronchospasm and not to treat bronchospasm. Patients using meds will need to test their lung function regularly.

If you get Tiotropium Bromide accidentally on your eyes, rinse your eyes with water immediately. There are chances that you might get an overdose of Meds. In such cases look for the symptoms like stomach pain, constipation, dry mouth, drowsiness, red eyes, and confusion. If you get any of these symptoms get immediate medical attention from your doctor.

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