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Spirulina Capsules


Spirulina Capsules are a natural product for the weight loss and it is made on the basis of Spirulina algae which are very useful product for the human body. This vegetable product is well digested, normalizes microflora of the intestine, intensively cleans the body as a result of which the content of the toxic products of metabolism which poison not only different organs but also brain is reduced in the vessels, muscles and lymph.

Capsules contain a lot of needed minerals and microelements including iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, copper, magnesium, different types of vitamins and other active components.

Spectrum of the possibilities of this drug is very wide. It is used for:

- Correction of the body proportions and weight loss

- Prophylaxis of the disease of liver and stomach

- Constipation treatment

- Removal of toxins from the body and normalization of the metabolism

- Improvement of the skin condition and acne treatment

- Acceleration of the healing process during trauma and fractures

- Chronic inflammatory disease as well as AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis

- Improvement of the vision and many other diseases.

As most natural products this drug is of great value due to its wide-spectrum pharmacological action. The mechanism of the action of the active components of Spirulina Capsules is not exactly known as this happens due to the natural power and it is not studied completely in the clinical laboratories. However, scientists affirm with confidence that this remedy is completely safe and unique according to its benefit.

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Spirulina Capsules are indicated for the oral use. The dosage is prescribed each patient individually depending on the indications for the use and required results.

- Children under 7 years old are prescribed one capsule a day

- Children at the age of 7-14 years old are prescribed 1-2 capsules a day

- Patients older than 14 years old take from 2 to 4 capsules a day

- It is better to take the drug before meals and make a break for 20 days between packs.

After the first month of the use you will feel easiness in the body and improved well-being, and after the second course the weight of the patient will be reduced and the work of all organs will be improved.


- Spirulina Capsules are contraindicated during pregnancy, breast-feeding, and also for patients with renal pathology in cases when they are recommended the restriction of the protein food.

- People with cardiovascular diseases and experienced myocardial infarction take this remedy with caution.

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