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Sulfasalazine (Azulfidine)


Sulfasalazine is an anti inflammatory drug in nature. It is also called under the brand names as Salazopyrin, Azulfidine and Saaz. This drug is used for the treatment of ulcercative colitis.This is a persitant disease which creates ulcers in rectum and colon lining. Sulfasalazine is utilized for rheumatoid arthritis treatment. It is also used for treatment of juvenile rheumatoid for people who are not reacting to substitute prescription. Sulfasalazineís precise method is not known. The medicine minmises the detrimental irritation that worsens the situation. Sulfasalazine is utilized in the healing of ankylosing spondylitis and Crohnís disease.

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Adopt to the dosage suggested by the doctor. The dosage differs from person to person The physician will determine the frequency and the dosage size as per a personís requirements. The adults can normally take daily 3 to 4 gms of Sulfasalazine. This dosage can be divided into small parts with a time span not exceeding more than 8 hours. Kids with ulcerative colitis can be treated with mild dosage of Sulfasalazine with three to six dose While giving Sulfasalazine dosage to the child its weight should be kept in mind.Depending on the kidís weight the drug dosage differs fromchild to child. The medicine can be taken in in the form of oral tablet, oral relaesae tablet or oral solution. Sulfasalazine should be taken after meals. That is is most preferable and advisable method. Donít take the drug on empty stomach. If you forget to take the medicine or if circumstances made you to skip the drug stick back to the original schedule, so that Sulfasalazine works properly


Individuals with bodily disorders should avoid taking Sulfasalazine allergic to Pregnant woman must avoid taking this drug Sulfasalzine sometimes causes side affects and may adversely affect the foetus. Lactating woman should stay away from Sulfasalazine. This medicine may spread through breast milk and will affect the infant. Normally heavy drugs and medicine should not be taken by young mothers. If necessity and need arises to take Sulfasalzine, it should be given in correct dosage as suggested by the doctor. Hence Sulfasalzine is a wonderful drug and if taken properly can do wonders.

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