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Sustiva (Efavirenz)


Sustiva is an antiviral medical product for the systemic use. It is used as a part of the antiretroviral therapy by HIV infections of the different level of the severity.

The drug slows down the development of immunodeficiency virus in the infected cells. However, it cannot help cells which have already been infected. Also, Sustiva can be used for the treatment of viral hepatitis type B and reduction of viruses in the body. The pharmacological action is manifested quickly and goes on for a long time, and this provides a maximal protection of all systems of the body against the virus affection. The active component Efavirenz is used in medicine to prevent HIV infections, by patients who are subject to a risk of the infection.

Often, Sustiva is used for the chemoprophylaxis of HIV infection after a contact with infected HIV material (sexual intercourse with HIV-infected people, injections, and cuts during the work with HIV-material, getting this material on the mucous membrane or injured skin). However, this medication is not effective as a single antiviral medication, and that is why it is used only in combination with other medical products.

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Your attending doctor makes a decision about when therapy should be started, how to use this drug, what dose should be selected for the most effective treatment. On the basis of your clinical picture he/she will be able to determine the most suitable time for starting the treatment in order to prevent the affection of the healthy cells and stop the development of the disease. Also, depending on the abundance of the infection and severity of the viral affection a daily dose is indicated for a patient.

- the initial dose for adults is 1 tablet of Sustiva 600 mg per day

- it is better to take the drug before going to bed and with plenty of water. It is needed to improve the tolerance in the first days of the treatment

- the length of the treatment is individual and indicated depending on the improvement of the health condition of the patient.


- Sustiva is contraindicated in case of allergy to Efavirenz or other components which are included in the drug

- The components of the drug may be harmful for fetus, and therefore it is strictly contraindicated to use the medication during pregnancy

- The remedy is taken carefully by renal/hepatic failure, syndrome of alcoholism, encephalopathy, and also children under 3 years.

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