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Symbicort (Budesonide)


Symbicort is a combined medical product for the treatment and prophylaxis of the bronchial asthma. This drug contains two active ingredients formoterol and budesonide which have different mechanisms of the action and provide the additive effect concerning the reduction of the frequency of the acute conditions of the bronchial asthma.

Formoterol causes a relaxation of the smooth muscles of bronchi in patients with the reversible obstructive airway disease. The broncholytic effect occurs quickly within 1-3 minutes after inhalation and is kept for 12 hours after the use of the single dose.

Budesonide is an inhalation glucocorticosteroid providing the anti-inflammatory action in the lungs reducing the intensity of the symptoms and frequency of the acute conditions of the bronchial asthma.

Symbicort causes less irritation of the mucous and almost does not bring side effects than other glucocorticosteroids.

Directions for the use:

- supporting therapy of the bronchial asthma

- symptomatic therapy in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Symbicort may be taken for the urgent arrest of the asthma as well as for the long-term therapy of the severe dysfunctions of the lungs. This medicine is used with the help of the special Turbuhaler.

The dose selection is made individually and depends on the severity of the disease. Usually, patients are prescribed 1-2 inhalations 2 times per day.

After gaining the optimal control of the bronchial asthma symptoms in the setting of the drug prescription 2 times per day it is possible to reduce the dose up to the smallest effective one.

In order to guarantee the penetration of the optimal dose into the lungs the patient has to breathe in deeply with the help of the neck of Turbuhaler. It is not recommended to breathe out in it. After each use it is necessary to rinse the mouth with water in order to remove all ingredients to prevent irritation of the mucous of the mouth cavity.


- Symbicort is contraindicated for children under 6 years old, in case of the high sensitivity to the active ingredients, i.e. formoterol and budesonide, and intolerance of lactose.

- The drug is taken with caution in the following cases: fungous, viral or infectious diseases of the airways, diabetes, and arterial hypertension. Maybe, the patient needs individual recommendations for the use of the medicine.

- Before you take Symbicort during pregnancy or in the period of lactation it is necessary to consult your medical specialist.

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