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Tadalia (Cialis Oral Strips)


Tadalia is a revolutionary form of erectile dysfunction treatment, which features a rapid effect and long-lasting action. Also known as Cialis Oral Strips, the drug belongs to a group of PDE-5 inhibitors aimed at boosting the blood circulation and increasing the blood flow to definite areas. The treatment is offered in the form of orally disintegrating strips, which guarantee the convenience of liquid dose and accuracy of the tablet one. Another great feature of Tadalia is instant dissolving that provides the desirable effect within the following 15 minutes. The positive effect of impotence treatment lasts for over 36 hours and can be activated by natural sexual stimulation. Additionally, the medication can be used for other cases, not mentioned in the information leaflet. Consult your healthcare specialist before off-label Tadalia intake.

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The innovative form of erectile dysfunction remedy made it exceptionally convenient for use, so you need just to put the strip on your tongue and wait until it dissolves. Once it is disintegrated, you will feel a fresh flavor and drastic sexual potency. However, to achieve these effects,a patient should undergo several safety rules, which will also prevent undesirable reactions. Administer the medication as determined by the medical specialist and in accordance with the safety instructions specified in the information guide. Never increase or decrease the dose, as the medication misuse can stimulate the occurrence of harmful side effects. Generally, Tadalia is used in 20 mg dose that is completely sufficient for an impressive effect. The patient should not administer Cialis more than once a day. You can use the drug with or without food.

Precautions and Contraindications

Tadalia promotes severe impact on the health of a man, so it should be taken quite carefully and right as prescribed by the doctor. Do not start the course if you are sensitive to Tadalafil or similar Tadalafil-containing remedies. Additionally, Tadalia is contraindicated for people, who use drugs to balance the symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Certain other illnesses and health impairments may result in Tadalia adverse reactions, so your healthcare provider should be aware of all the underlying or accompanying disorders. Pay exceptional attention to heart complications, a history of stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, stomach ulcers, blood cell issues, kidney or liver problems, abnormal blood pressure, bleeding disorders, retinitis pigmentosa and others. Tadalia is for male use only, so no females and children are approved for the therapy.

Drug Interactions

Provide your doctor with a list of prescription and non-prescription drugs you are using, since some of them may interact with Tadalia stimulating a decreased impact on erectile dysfunction management or leading to other complications. Do not combine this impotence medication with seizure drugs, antiviral treatments, antifungals, antibiotics, HIV/AIDS drugs, hepatitis remedies, prostate drugs and others.

Side Effects

Contact your medical specialist if you have got breathing disorders, itching, hives, swelling and other signs of severe allergic reactions. Seek emergency medical assistance in case other devastating complications have occurred, especially painful erection, priapism, sudden vision impairments, symptoms of heart attack, lightheadedness, convulsions, abnormal heartbeat and others.

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