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Tetracycline (Ala-Tet)


Tetracycline is a well known antibiotic that fights against bacteria in the body. The same tetracycline is used to treat so many other bacterial infection such as gonorrhea, acne, Chlamydia, urinary tract infections etc.

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Tetracycline should not be used in women who are pregnant. The growing baby could get harmed. The birth control pill is less effective if tetracycline is used simultaneously. Tetracycline can pass through the milk of the mother to the baby thus disturbing the bone and tooth development of the growing baby. The children below eight years of age should not be given tetra cyclonite as the growth of the child gets affected and the colour of the teeth can become yellow or grey permanently. The person should not consume antacids, laxatives, multivitamins, iron supplements or calcium supplements while on tetracycline treatment as these products can make the medicine less effective.

Tetracycline should be consumed as prescribed by the doctor. Never consume more medication than prescribed and also donít consume the medicine longer than prescribed period. The direction of the label should be adhered to in total. Tetracycline needs to be consumed with full glass of water approximately eight ounces. It is better to consume the medicine in empty stomach or at least one or two hours after the meals. Tetracycline should never be consumed along with milk or any other dairy product as the absorption of the tetracycline will be hampered. It is advisable to use measuring spoon for measuring the dosage instead of depending on ordinary table spoon.


There are few side effects one can expect while on tetracycline medication. One should get the emergency medical help if any one or more signs listed below are noticed. The doctor should be immediately called upon if there are any allergic reactions such as hives, swelling of the face, breathing difficulty, swelling of the lip etc are noticed. Severe head aches, fever, chills, blurred vision, dizziness, flu like symptoms, peeling of skin, severe blisters, skin rash, less urination than normal etc are very severe symptoms, and hence one should not waste any time to take the help of the doctor.

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