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Tizanidine (Zanaflex)


Zanaflex is the popular brand name of Tizanidine and it is an effective treatment for the spasms in the muscles. It provides quick relief to the muscles and it is also recommended by doctors for other conditions as well. The nerve impulses send the pain sensations to the brains and it is felt by us. Zanaflex blocks these impulses and gives us quick relief, especially to the muscles which are attached to our skeletal structure.

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The Tizanidine is meant to be taken orally. The food we eat plays a prominent role in the usage and effectiveness of the Tizanidine in your body and therefore you will strictly need to follow the instructions given by your doctor. If you need to make any changes with your dosage, it would be better to take an advice from your doctor first. Withdrawal symptoms like the high blood pressure, tremors, muscle tension, fast heartbeat and anxiety will be caused if you stop using Tizanidine abruptly. Therefore, you will need to reduce the dosage gradually and then stop taking Tizanidine in the end. Try not to skip any dosage of Tizanidine for an effective and complete cure. You can take it later if you forget to take the dosage but just ensure that you do not take that along with the next dosage. Mixing up of two dosages simultaneously is absolutely not recommended.

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