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Torsemide (Demadex)


Torsemide is the generic name of the medication and the brand name is demadex. Torsemide is tea medication that helps in maintaining the normal blood pressure. This torsemide is nothing but a water pill [loop diuretic] which helps the body by preventing too much absorption of the salt and eliminating the same in urine.

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Though torsemide is widely used in the treatment of hyper tension, the same can be used in treating people who suffer fluid retention [edema] in lung, liver and heart. Torsemide can also be used to treat people who are suffering from nephritic syndrome.

The persons who are allergic to torsemide should never consume the same. The persons who are having kidney problem, liver problem, heart ailments and allergy to sulpha drugs should report all their problems to the physician who is attending on them. Those who are prescribed to use torsemide will be advised for regular blood check up. Such persons should never skip the blood check up and the reports of the check up should be promptly reported to the doctor who prescribed the torsemide. The physician will study the blood reports and advise the patient about the usage of the torsemide.

Those who are consuming the torsemide for the treatment of hyper tension should continue to do so even if the blood pressure reading is normal, because the moment the torsemide is stopped the blood pressure may go up again. One should be careful while dealing with hypertension and this is symptom less yet can result in very severe health problems such as stroke , heart attack etc.


The torsemide should be consumed as prescribed by the doctor. In case you had missed one dose, do consume the missed dose as soon as you remember. If you canít remember the missed dose by the time of next scheduled dose, donít worry, just skip the missed dose and go for the regular dose as prescribed. Never do the over dose. Loss of appetite, confusion, dizziness, general weakness, ringing in the ear is few symptoms of overdose. There are few side effects of the torsemide and are listed below. They are thirst, dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, drowsy, light headed, restless, feeling weak, uneven heart beat, blood in the cough, tarry tools, loss of hearing, pain of the head, dizziness, less sex drive, difficulty in having the orgasm, impotence etc. the person who is using torsemide, if he or she experience any one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, should immediately report the same to the doctor. The doctor will take decision on the further usage of the torsemide.

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