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Trecator SC (Ethionamide)


Trecator SC is referred to pharmacotherapeutic group of medications for the prevention and treatment of infections. Trecator is an antitubercular drug of bacteriostatic action. It inhibits the growth and reproduction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with in intracellular and extracellular areas with no effect on other organisms. The efficacy of the remedy is confirmed by prolonged clinical use.

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Trecator SC: pharmacologic action

The ethionamide-based medicine blocks the synthesis micolic acid. After cleavage of thioamide group, ethyl isonicotinic acid in the microbe cell acts as antagonist of nicotinic acid. The preparation enhances phagocytosis in the outbreak of tuberculosis inflammation that contributes to its resorption. In the course of Treactor SC treatment bacteriostatic activity decreases. The preparation inhibits the synthesis of peptides of mycobacteria.

Characterized by high absorption, the maximum concentration in blood is built within 3 hours. The remedy penetrates the tissues and organs; metabolized in the liver at an excretion rate of 70-80% of the bile and 20-30% of the kidneys.

Trecator SC: indications for use

The medication is typically appointed to treat pulmonary tuberculosis (pulmonary and extrapulmonary) in case of intolerance or ineffectiveness of other antitubercular drugs in the adjuvant therapy.

There preparation has no clear clinical performance criteria. Used in the adjuvant therapy. Treatment goals are the following: cure tuberculosis, prevent the likelihood of recurrence, reduce the likelihood of infection of others, avoid the development of drug resistance and prevent lethal cases.

When the preparation is taken simultaneously with rifampicin and isoniazid increases the likelihood of liver toxicity. The course that includes cycloserine increases the risk of neurotoxic side effects (especially in patients with a history of neurological or psychiatric disorders).

Trecator SC: dosage and administration methods

The principles of selection, dose changes and cancellations are the following: adults are appoint an initial daily dose of 0.25 g; 5 days after a dose is increase to 0.5g/day.; in another 5 days the dose is increased up to 0.75-1.0. Therefore, an average daily dose equals 0.5-1.0g. The preparation is tolerated better when taken with orange juice or milk, preferably at bedtime. The drug is predominantly produced in the form of coated tablets of 250mg.

Trecator SC: precautions

Before treatment, it is necessary to control the level of liver transaminases in blood plasma of the patient. In case of a joint application with pyrazinamide, a more frequent monitoring of liver enzyme functions is required. Before the appointment of the drug it is necessary to determine the in vitro sensitivity to ethionamide. The combined use of prothionamide is impractical because Mycobacterium tuberculosis has a cross-resistance to these drugs. Avoid co-administration of drugs with hepatotoxic preparations. During treatment with Trecator SC, a pyridoxine course may be also prescribed.

The drug must be appointed cautiously in elderly patients, those suffering from liver and kidneys diseases. The children under 14 years must avoid Trecator SC treatment. Contraindications are as follows: pregnancy, expressed human liver and hypersensitivity.

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