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Trental (Pentoxifylline)


The problem of stroke and how Trental can help

Today, stroke is number one problem, which leads to high mortality and disability. Leading position in the structure of brain ischemic stroke occupies cerebral blood circulation. This was the reason that the disease began to pay a lot of attention.

Trental is an antispasmodic, which refers to a group of purines and improves blood circulation. Also Trental improves microcirculation, increases the accumulation of cAMP in platelets, which are, as well as ATP in erythrocytes. Increasing coronary artery, the drug provides antianginal effect. Regarding the pulmonary vessels, in which it causes the oxygenation of blood. Moreover, the medication improves the efficiency of the intercostal muscles and diaphragm.

Trental - a drug that is indicated for atherosclerotic encephalopathy, ischemic cerebral stroke and dyscirculatory encephalopathy. Also, the tablet is taken when blood circulation disorders, which result from atherosclerosis, diabetes, inflammatory processes, as well as occlusive disease. Plus, this medicine is also a tool that is used in anti- trophic disorders of tissues, which are the consequences of the defeat of the arteries, veins, or the result of gangrene, frostbite or venous ulcers.

Quite often, the use of this drug is appointed and the treatment of eye diseases, such as - low blood circulation in the eye area - namely, acute, chronic lack of blood circulation in the retina. In the ENT department, Trental is prescribed for the treatment of changes in the inner ear of vascular nature, which leads to hearing loss.

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What is the dosage of Trental?

If we talk about the number of appointed Trental, so for each person it's different. Dosage is set on certain disease, the degree of mode change circulation, by weight of the patient, as well as his perceptual components. It is best used as an active drug infusion into the vein. As for the dosage of Trental, when it is applied, you should observe the following scheme. In the form of infusion it is recommended to enter a maximum of three hundred milligrams of the drug in the morning and evening. In extreme situations, you can take advantage of sophisticated infusion of the drug throughout the day. For such single dose administration is calculated from the following considerations - 0.6 milligram of drug per kilogram of body weight for 60 minutes.

Are there side effects of the drug?

Using Trental can cause a number of undesirable side effects. Thus, it is possible insomnia, loss of coordination, migraine pain, spontaneous contractions of muscles. In addition, this drug causes redness of the cheeks, increased blood circulation in the face and neck, the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, the violation of the physical properties of the nails. The patient can also notice reducing of intestine activity, inflammation of the gall bladder, reducing the production of saliva. Some people have experienced temporary visual impairment.

The use of Trental in obstetrics

Quite often, Trental is used in obstetrics in the fight against kidney disease, which in simple terms means delayed development of the fetus in the womb or chronic fetal hypoxia. In such cases, the drug is taken one tablet in the morning, afternoon and evening. Application of the remedy may cause nausea in pregnant women, vomiting reflexes, allergic reactions. In very rare cases, there is a migraine or dizziness. Trental is contraindicated in case when a woman has a hypersensitivity to a substance which is a part of this drug. Some of the recent studies found that Trental can still be prescribed to pregnant women because it has no negative impact on the fetus or the mother herself. According to the results of several studies, that have been conducted in recent years, it became clear that the state of pregnancy is not a contraindication to receiving this medicine.

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