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Triexer (Glimepiride)


Triexer is a modern medical remedy which is used for maintenance therapy in medicine to reduce the level of glucose in the blood. This medication has a hypoglycemic pharmacological action which is an addition to diet and physical exercises. The active component of the drug is glimepiride and it allows to maintain / reduce the glucose level in the blood during the severest forms of diabetes type 2 when other medications do not cause necessary effect.

The pharmacological action of Triexer regulates the production of glucose and increases a release of insulin in the blood that splits the sugar in the blood and favors its assimilation. Under the influence of this hypoglycemic drug there is an increase of the glucose sensitivity to insulin and this helps to reduce the sugar level in the blood faster and better.

Laboratory studies of this medication have shown that the drug is well tolerated, almost does not cause side effects at the correct usage and has a very powerful pharmacological action.

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Triexer is prescribed after a mixed examination in clinical conditions and on the basis of data received in the course of the laboratory analyses. That is why before using the medication it is recommended to have a course of examination in a health care provider.

Triexer dosage is indicated individually depending on the rate of the sugar level in the blood and urine. The initial dosage is 1 mg once a day. If necessary, a daily dose can be gradually increased up to 4-6 mg per day. The increase of the dose should be done gradually by 1 mg once per 1-2 weeks. Tablets should be taken with a full glass of water, without chewing and breaking it, before breakfast in the morning.


- while taking the drug a constant control of the sugar level in the urine and blood is needed as increase of therapy may be needed because of the insufficient effect of the drug

- If you have allergy to the active components of the drug, it is necessary to stop using Triexer

- The use of the drug should be terminated or restricted at diabetes type 1, severe dysfunction of liver, kidney, during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Perhaps, your doctor will prescribe you the more suitable medication, or give you recommendations to remove contraindications

- The drug should be taken with caution in case of insulinotherapy. The combination of the drug with insulinotherapy must be prescribed in individual cases under the care of the doctor only.

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