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Under Eye Cream


The skin around the eyes is so thin and delicate, that in this area there is often swelling, dark circles and laxity. Furthermore, the skin around the eye is practically devoid of sebaceous glands, it is therefore normally dehydrated. That is why the moisturizer is so important for your skin. Here are some arguments in favor of Under Eye Cream, designed specifically for this zone.

A good Under Eye Cream can mask your age and few sleepless nights, a bad - provoke swelling and allergies.

First let's define what problem we want to solve, using the cream. As a rule, before 20 years the answer is obvious. Here are the most common:

1. Swollen inflamed eyelids
Causes: allergies, conjunctivitis, fluid retention, PMS, sinusitis or rhinitis.
What you need: cooling gels and eye masks.
2. Pouches under the eyes
Causes: pouches appear when the fatty tissue under the eyes becomes inflamed and increases.
What you need: potent Under Eye Cream, which increases skin elasticity.
3. Dark circles
Causes: hyperpigmentation , dilated blood vessels, fatigue, dehydration.
What you need: lightening cream with UV- factor.
4. Wrinkles
Causes: smoking, dehydration, facial expressions, aging.
What you need: a moisturizer Under Eye Cream with antioxidants.

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How to choose Under Eye Cream?

Carefully read the labels. According to active substances, contained in Under Eye Cream, you can see what effect it will have.

- Vitamin C - retains moisture, protects against free radicals, maintains skin elasticity.
- Vitamin K - improves blood circulation, strengthens capillaries, relieves bruises.
- Haloxyl - whitens dark circles, accelerates local exchange of bilirubin.
- Eyeliss - peptide complex, one of the most advanced ingredients in Under Eye Cream. Has a draining effect, strengthens capillaries, reduces inflammation.
- Argirelene - acts like botox, slightly "freezing" the small muscles and thus preventing the appearance of facial wrinkles.
- Hyaluronic acid - deeply moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity.
- Resveratrol - a powerful antioxidant that fights aging.
- Coenzyme Q10- improves metabolism and gives the skin a healthy look.
- Ester-C - fat- and water-soluble form of vitamin C. Gently tightens skin, improves its color and stimulates collagen production.
- Essential fatty acids - moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles.

What ingredients should be avoided in Under Eye Cream?

- Cofein - slightly tightens the skin, but also dehydrate it.
- Octyl Stearate - clogs the pores, makes skin dull.
- Sodium Chloride - irritates the skin, causing inflammation.
- Isopropyl Myristate - causes allergy, impairs vision.
- Parabens - increases the production of estrogen, disrupts hormones.
- Propylene Glycol - causes allergies and toxic reactions.
Typically, manufacturers divide Under Eye Cream for day, night and broad spectrum (plain vanilla).

How to store an Under Eye Cream?

Keep the cream in a dark, dry place and wash your hands before you apply any kind of Under Eye Cream. Many brands began to abandon chemical preservatives - it reduces the allergenicity of cream, but reduces the storage and resistance to microbes. So, throw away overdue remedies without any regret.

How to apply an Under Eye Cream?

- Never apply an Under Eye Cream on mobile eyelid. We must move from the nose to the fixed upper eyelid and then through the lower eyelid to the back of the nose. And stay away from the lash line.

- Do not rub an Under Eye Cream. It should be applied to light patting movements.

- Day Under Eye Cream should be kept in refrigerator. First, because it is better preserved and secondly, will have an additional tonic effect.

- Night Under Eye Cream should not be applied just before bedtime - swelling is guaranteed. Do this, at least for one hour.

- Never use a regular face cream as an Under Eye Cream. The concentration of active substances is too high for sensitive eyelids.

And most importantly, remember - Under Eye Cream can remove dark circles and puffiness.

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