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Unisom (Doxylamine)


Unisom, generic name Doxylamine, belongs to a group of antihistamines producing a complex preferable effect. The medication decreases the impact of natural chemical histamine in the organism. Excess histamine production in the body causes numerous symptoms, including watery eyes, hives, allergy reactions, runny nose, itching, sneezing, etc. Antihistamines are aimed at treating these complications and balance the histamine level. Additionally, the sedative effect of Unisom allows using it as sleep aid to fight insomnia and other disorders. Besides, the drug is frequently prescribed for other conditions.

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Taking Unisom, it is inevitable to follow all the recommendations given by your healthcare provider and instructions mentioned in the safety leaflet. It will help you improve the condition and get rid of devastating symptoms. Administer Doxylamine as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Never adjust or change the dose on your own. The medication is for short-term use only, so do not take the drug longer than it was recommended. Doxylamine should not be given to children under 12 in order to treat insomnia. Consult your physician before treating allergy, cold or flu symptoms in children under 6 years old. The medication misuse and overuse may cause multiple extremely severe and even fatal side effects, so let your doctor supervise the treatment course.

If you wish to improve insomnia with Unisom, take one pill only when you have a couple of spare hours you can devote to sleeping. Follow the directions given by the doctor to avoid any adverse reactions. Once you have missed Unisom dose, take it the moment you remember, but skip it if the next scheduled one is soon to be taken. Avoid doubling or increasing the following dose.

Precautions and Contraindications

Before starting Unisom treatment course, do not forget to consult a healthcare provide to ensure high safety level of the drug. Inform a medical specialist of all the problems, disorders, allergies and other health issues you have to avoid diverse contraindications and possible harm to other vital body organs. You should avoid Unisom treatment if you are allergic to Doxylamine or other component of the medication. To check if the medicine is not dangerous for your health, provide information about an enlarged prostate, urination problems, glaucoma, bronchitis, asthma, chronic lung disorders and other complications.

Despite the medication is reported to produce no negative impact on the nursing and unborn children, do not use Unisom without doctor’s approval, being pregnant or breastfeeding.

Drug Interactions

Provide the doctor with the full information about the medications you are taking to avoid undesirable drug interactions and possible side effects. Tell him/her about all the other medications, supplements, herbal products and vitamins you are taking. A range of medicines can make you sleepy and worsen your breathing, so check all the interactions before the first Unisom intake. Narcotic pain drugs, sleeping aids, depression, seizures and anxiety medicines, muscle relaxers and other medications interact with Doxylamine

Side Effects

Taking Unisom right, following all the safety measures, you eliminate the risk of side effects appearance. Common adverse reactions include dry mouth, constipations, dizziness, drowsiness, vision problems, stomach disorders, etc. Seek emergency medical assistance once you have noticed the symptoms of severe side effects, such as no urinating, hallucinations, extreme anxiety, confusion, severe drowsiness and dizziness, allergic reactions and others.

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