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Ursodoil (Urso/Actigall)


Ursodiol is a trade name of ursodeoxycholic acid which is popular in medical practice in order to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and many other disorders. This drug favors a solution of Intrahepatic cholestasis and dissolution of cholesterol gallstones. It provides a cholagogue, immunomodulatory, antifibrotic, and hypocholesteremic action. It reduces a concentration of the toxic for hepatic cell bile acids, stimulates their removal through intestine. It protects the hepatic cells against damaging factors. A big plus of the drug is an opportunity of the partial or complete dissolution of the cholesterol gallstones and prevention of the formation of the new ones.

Directions for the use:

- dissolution of the cholesterol gallstones in the gall bladder, prevention of the repeated formation of the stones

- initial biliary liver cirrhosis

- cystic hepatic fibrosis

- prevention of the colon cancer

- hepatitis of the different etiology

- alcoholic, medical, toxic affections of liver

- acute affections of the bile passages

Due to the highly effective pharmacological action of this medical product patients may get rid of the necessity of the surgical intervention to remove stones in the gall bladder.

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Ursodiol is available only by the doctor’s prescription, and therefore before buying this medication it is necessary to have a medical examination. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe the effective treatment including the most optimal dose, precautions and risks of the side effects.

- the minimal daily dose which is prescribed most patients is 8-10 mg/kg once per day. It is better to take the tablet before going to bed.

- The maximal daily dose is 20-30 mg/kg divided into 2-3 uses

- Each diagnosis needs an individual selection of the optimal dose and that is why your dose prescribed by the doctor may differ form the general dosage

- The length of the treatment is individual for each clinical case. The treatment may last from a couple of month to 2 years.


- the contraindications for the drug usage are individual intolerance, acute inflammatory diseases of the gall bladder, afunctional gall bladder, dysfunction of pancreas, and hepatic failure

- it is necessary to exclude the use of this medication during pregnancy

- the drug is not also recommended children under 2 years old

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