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Vasodilan (Isoxsuprine)


Disorders of trophic and vasomotor innervation are the basis of the Raynaud's disease. Such age as the young and the middle are most susceptible to disease. Women 5 times more likely sick then men. Raynaud's disease in the classical cases occurs in three phases. The first phase - the pain is accompanied by pallor and coldness of the fingers, the second - in addition to said, is characterized by the appearance of cyanotic coloration, and increased pain, and the third phase - the bright red leather fingers, the disappearance of pain.

In medical practice Raynaud's disease is treated with Vasodilan, which slows the frequency of attacks of the disease and their duration. With prolonged use of medication the patient takes the regression of vascular trophic disorders. Vasodilan drug reduces thrombus.

In the treatment of Raynaud's disease, you will have to spend long time. It is a long-term therapy, and in most cases you will need a complex use of drugs of different groups including and Vasodilan. Drug therapy is recommended to combine with physical therapy and oxygenation.

Vasodilan info: mechanism of action and indications for use

Vasodilan drug has tocolytic ( relaxing muscles of the uterus ) act by stimulating beta-adrenergic receptors. Reduces the tone of smooth muscles of the blood vessels of skeletal muscle spasm, eliminates (a sharp narrowing ) of blood vessels, increases blood flow to the tissues.

Vasodilan is used for the treatment of patients, suffering from disorders of the peripheral blood flow of various etiologies, including spasm and atherosclerosis of arteries, endarteritis obliterans, diabetic angiopathy syndrome and Raynaud's disease. The remedy is also prescribed to patients with chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency and atherosclerosis atherosclerotic arteries of the retina. It can be used as a tocolytic agent for preterm delivery .

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Side effects and contraindications of Vasodilan

Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat ), hypotension ( low blood pressure ), dizziness, flushing to the upper half of the body, nausea , vomiting , rash - these are the main side effects, which may appear after the use of this medication.

Contraindications of Vasodilan are as follow:

- not used to treat patients with known intolerance to Vasodilan;
- not prescribed to patients with cerebral hemorrhage, uterine bleeding (including history), arterial bleeding, as well as hypotension and angina;
- not intended for use in pediatric practice;
- not recommended for patients with tachycardia, blood coagulation disorders, glaucoma and acute myocardial infarction or stroke;
- elderly patients (due to the risk of orthostatic hypotension).

Vasodilan dosage regime

To begin with, Vasodilan is intended for oral use only. The tablets are advised to be taken after meals. Duration of therapy and dose of the drug are determined by the doctor or qualified pharmacist. When violations of cerebral and peripheral blood flow, Vasodilan is usually assigned at a dose of 10-20 mg three or four times a day. The recommended duration of therapy for blood disorders is 2-3 months. With the threat of premature birth, Vasodilan is usually prescribed after heavily parenteral attack. Isoxsuprine is recommended in oral dose of 20 mg four times per day. The recommended duration of treatment on preterm labor is 2 days.

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