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Vimax is tablets which are made on the natural basis from the vegetable components to increase a male penis. A problem of the small penis was solved by means of the surgery before and this was uncomfortable and rather expensive. However, the tablets of Vimax are not only an effective remedy to increase a size of your penis but also a very safe method to forget about the unpleasant problem forever. The main ingredients of the drug are Velvet, leaves of Damiana, Muira Pauma (balm), Cayenne (fruits), leaves of Ginko Biloba, Oatsplant, root of Ginseng, Avenasativa, Panax Ginseng, Caltrop (fruits). These tablets do not contain yeast, protein soya, gluten, milk, sugar, soda, conservants, dye or flavouring agents.

Besides the increase of the penis in size this drug provides a positive effect on the potency, improves and prolongs erection, and increases a sexual tolerance of the man.

The pharmacological action of the drug is not studied completely but the main effect can be gained due to the combination of the vegetable ingredients which have been used separately before as sexual stimulators. After using the drug it is known that it increases the blood flow in the vessels of the penis, and also the smooth muscles are relaxed. This favors a stimulation of the cavernous bodies so that they are gradually increased improving the size of the penis.

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Vimax can be used on your own as well as under the supervision of the experienced health care provider. However, before taking it you should set a goal and needed sizes of the penis. You have to take into account the emotional satisfaction which you may get as well as a physical convenience of the increased penis. After the course of the treatment and getting a result the process remains invariable and penis does not become smaller.

- Men are recommended to take one capsule of Vimax after eating with a full glass of water. One tablet per day is enough in order to stimulate the work of the reproductive system and improve the functioning of the sexual health

- One pack has 30 tablets and it is a monthly course. Usually, to gain a full effect 3-4 packs are enough, and then you will notice a significant improvement of the penis size and work of the reproductive system.


- Vimax does not cause side effects and is well tolerated by men of any ages by means of 100% natural components

- It is contraindicated to take more than one tablet per day as it may cause a break of the effect and perhaps an overdose.

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