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Xyzal (Levocetirizine)


Xyzal is a brand name of the active component levocetirizine. This drug provides antihistaminic, antiallergic, antiedemic, antipruritic pharmacological action. Its therapeutic effect is directed at the relief of the course of the allergic reactions and also their prevention during the chronic types. In the aid of the prophylaxis Xyzal is taken for seasonal allergic reactions when the patient can estimate a potential threat and prevent relapses of the disease. The advantage of the drug is that it may slow down the activity of the enzymes which provoke the onset of the allergic reaction, and thus you will be able to prevent the disease or postpone its onset and relieve the symptoms.

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Directions for the use

- pollen allergy

- different types of hives including Quincke’s disease

- seasonal or chronic rhinitis

- allergic type of the conjunctivitis

- allergic dermatoses accompanied by severe symptoms: itching, rash, edema

Pharmacological action

The mechanism of the action of Xyzal is conditioned by the inhibition of the histamine receptors which provoke the release of the components responsible for the appearance of the allergic reaction into the blood during different irritants. The pharmacological activity of Xyzal is at least 2 times higher than in other antihistaminic remedies and numerous clinical studies prove this.

The active component of Xyzal not only blocks the release of histamine but also reduces the vascular permeability and restricts the release of the mediators of the inflammation due to which not only itching and rash but also edemas are reduced in the process of the treatment.

Levocetirizine almost does not have a sedative effect, and therefore there are no special restrictions to its use.


- Xyzal is an oral medical product which is taken orally without chewing it, with meals or on an empty stomach, and with enough water. The use of the tablets does not cause irritation of the organs of the digestion.

- The dosage regimen directly depends on the type of the allergic disease, patient’s age and the clinical image.

- For adults and children older than 6 years old the dosage of levocetirizine is 5 mg per day once.

- For children under 6 years old the daily dose is 2,5 mg divided into 2 equal uses (1,25 mg in the morning and evening)

- In case of the functional disorders of kidney the dosage should be adjusted by the attending doctor because the clearance of the creatinine is changed and the concentration of the active components is increased in the body, and this may lead to the overdose.


During the estimation of the ability to drive and work with machinery any unwanted phenomena are not found out during the prescription of the drug in the recommended dose. As the sedative effect of Xyzal is almost absent the restrictions should be absent too. However, doctors recommend patients following a special caution if they work with car driving or potentially dangerous type of the activity where attentiveness and fast reaction are needed.

- in case of the renal failure it is not recommended to take Xyzal, or a strict control of the health care provider is needed.

- Children under 2 years old and also pregnant women are contraindicated to take the drug

- If the patient has the increased sensitivity to the active components of the drug, the treatment is contraindicated because this may provoke the side effects.

- A simultaneous consumption of alcohol with tablets of Xyzal is not recommended. A reliable danger was not found out but the unexpected reaction of the central nervous system is possible.

Possible side effects

In rare cases, during the incorrect use of Xyzal in doses higher than needed the following side effects may appear:

- from the side of the cardiovascular system: rapid heartbeat

- from the side of the central nervous system: headache, dizziness, fatigability, excitement, and spasms

- from the side of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, dryg mouth, and diarrhea.

If the symptoms of the allergic reaction are increased while taking the drug and they do not pass within 1-2 days, it is needed to terminate the treatment and see a doctor right away. Perhaps, you may have high sensitivity to the components of the drug and you will need to substitute Xyzal for the identical medication.

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