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Zaditor (Ketotifen Fumarate )


Zaditor is the brand name for the generic drug ketotifen fumarate. This medicine is available as ophthalmic solution and it used topically on your eyes. Each mL of Zaditor contains 0.345 mg of ketotifen fumarate which is equivalent to 0.25 mg of ketotifen. Preservatives like benzalkonium chloride are used in this ophthalmic solution. This ophthalmic solution is used to prevent itching of eyes due to allergies. Zaditor is available in 1 mL and 5 mL in 7.5 cc and 3 cc containers. They come with a dropper tip. Zaditor is available over the counter now. Prescription is not needed to buy this medicine. Store this medicine in a cool place in 4 deg C to 25 deg C.

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The recommended dosage of this ophthalmic solution is one drop in your eye. This dosage can be repeated for every 8 hours or 12 hours.


Do not use this medicine orally or in the form of injection. This is for topical application only. Patients who wear contact lens should look for redness in the eyes. If your eyes are red then do not wear the contact lens. If your eyes are not red then you can wear your contact lenses after about 10 minutes of applying this solution. Breast feeding mothers should inform their doctor before using this medicine as it might be passed on to the babies. Reactions like dry eyes, eye pain, burning sensation, itching and rashes might occur. Look for these side effects and inform your doctor. Do not use this ophthalmic solution for children below the age of 3 years. Consult your doctor if needed.

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