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Pharmaceutical companies have stepped into the era where competition is carried out through improving and innovating potency enhancing remedies. While big players are more revolutionizing the market, the aspiring companies concentrate their effort on the well-trodden ways, giving birth to such medications as Zenegra. The preparation, based on the active ingredient of Sildenafil, is developed by Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited. The core advantage of Zenegra over other tablets of similar effect is the speed of impact. Taking it in just 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, you can forget about the problem of weak potency, with an average of 4 hours. Zenegra drug demonstrates considerable effectiveness even in case of the most severe erectile dysfunction.

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Pharmacological action

The active substance - Siildenafil - belongs to phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Its action is to develop and braking action of PDE-5, which activates the flow of blood from the penis and returns to the idle state. Under the action of sildenafil, vessels and erectile tissues of the penis relax and widen. Blood flow is significantly improved, and the penis fills with blood and appears healthy erection. Do not be afraid of spontaneous, uncontrollable excitement. The whole process of natural - erection occurs only with sexual stimulation. It is worth mentioning that the phosphodiesterase-5, under the influence of sildenafil produced slowly, the penis in erection is kept much longer, respectively, sexual intercourse lasts longer time.

Dosage and administration

Since each person's degree of perception is very individual, the dose selection should be done carefully. The vast majority of men start with the 50 mg dosing, which is sufficient enough to achieve the desired effect. For more susceptible people, even 25 mg of preparation may contribute to an unsurpassed enhancing effect. This initial dosage may be enough if a person is getting started with the means of improving potency; the minimum dosage is also prescribed to over 60-65 years old individuals, or to those exposed to chronic diseases. In case of no health deviations, a patient can gradually move to the maximum daily dose of 100 mg. When using the drug Zenegra, frequency of administration should not exceed 1 use each 24 hours (the time required for removal of the active ingredient from the body). A more frequent use and overdose may contribute to unpleasant side effects.


Preparations based on Sildenafil contraindicated in the following cases:

- hypersensitivity to the active substance - sildenafil and auxiliary components;

- patients suffering from leukemia;

- sickle cell disease;

- myeloma;

- people with any deformation of the member;

- patients with a history of diseases of the cardiovascular system;

- people with an increased tendency to bleed;

- diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage, inhibiting CYP3A4;

- Zenegra is not designed for women and adolescents up to 18 years old;

- concomitant use of medications with nitrates.

Zenegra & Viagra

The buyers of drugs that increase potency are oftentimes sceptical about Zenegra due to its totally affordable cost. However prejudices are unfounded:

- the medication is an improved version of Viagra, which reduces the possibility of side effects;

- the medication offers a prolonged time of action of the drug (now the pill can be taken 12 hours before sexual intercourse and it will act with virtually the same reliability);

- the medication is optimized to react mildly to other drugs and alcohol;

- the range of individuals who are able to take the drug without a prescription is extended for Zenegra.

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