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Zero Nicotine


Zero Nicotine is an innovative antismoking dietary supplement which is indicated for those people who want quickly to give up smoking without any psychological effect to the brain and central nervous system.

This product is released in the capsules which contain the following natural ingredients: Hops, Oat, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Alfalfa, Bayberry, Echinacea Powder, and Sarsaparilla. This list of the natural elements which this remedy for smoking is made of is not complete. As these capsules are made on the basis of the natural ingredients they do not cause the addiction, and also help to give up cigarettes and clean the body from the harmful toxins which are accumulated in the process of the long-term use of nicotine.

A mechanism of the action of Zero Nicotine consists in the slowdown of the action of nicotine and resins to the receptors of the brain which are responsible for the perception of the smoke and taste.

This product is a natural replacement of the harmful cigarettes and it will help to refuse from the smoking psychologically. If you do not smoke within several months, you will be able to completely become free from the syndrome of the refuse from cigarettes and you will not want to harm your body and people around you.

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As the capsules of Zero Nicotine are totally safe biologically active dietary supplement they may be taken without prescription of the doctor by both men and women. The treatment is a long process. The dosage and length of the nicotine addiction treatment depend on how many cigarettes the patient has had a day and also how long he/she smokes.

- The average daily dose is 2 capsules once a day (in the morning).

- You will notice the first changes in already 15-20 days of the treatment, however this is only the beginning, and therefore it is not recommended to terminate the use of the capsules.

- Usually, the average length of therapy is 3-5 months for smokers experienced 5 years and more. Each case is individual, and that is why it is possible to find out the period of the treatment only after its beginning.


- Zero Nicotine may be taken by people older than 16 years, who do not have increased sensitivity to the vegetable ingredients of the drug.

- If you try to smoke during the use of the capsules, you may experience slight side effects: nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

- It is not recommended to take it during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

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