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Zincovit is a biologically active food supplement with a high content of zinc, vitamin C and propolis. Zinc is an essential mineral found in an overwhelming majority of enzymes. Enriching the organism with zinc enhances immunity, wound healing and accelerates metabolism. Unbalanced diet or malabsorption that occurs with regular admission of laxatives, alcohol and drug using may cause zinc deficiency. Zincovit is typically recommended to restore mineral balance in various diseases as well as to support the immune system. First of all, zinc supplements are recommended to pregnant women, feeding mothers, young athletes and vegetarians.

Zinc is also a tonic preparation which can be applied in the treatment of diseases, for maintenance therapy and prophylaxis purposes. It is also recommended to use the additive for cosmetic purposes - brittle nails and hair loss. In general, zinc contributes to DNA repairing.

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Indications for use

The biologically active additive list of indications is quite extensive, yet mentioned below are the most common cases where Zincovit is particularly effective:

- immune system maintenance

- various disorders associated with zinc deficiency;

- decreased performance, memory loss, hair loss;

- to accelerate growth in adolescents;

- alcoholism;

- pregnancy and lactation;

- sports and physical activities;

- vegetarianism;

- hormone therapy support.

The preparation is particularly effective during cold and abrupt weather changes (whether its a transition of seasons or relocation). To prevent yourself from catching colds or flu taking advantage of Zincovit is essential. The additive offers a positive impact in case of high mental activity periods. The product serves as an all round protection and designed for regular use (the 1+ month course each 6 - 12 months).

How it works?

Zincovit produced in the form of effervescent pills containing 10 mg of zinc, propolis, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, sorbitol, sodium cyclamate, flavors, sodium saccharinate.

Zinc contributes to weight gain, the development of insulin and sex hormones involved in the withdrawal from the body of excess vitamin A. The recommended dose is 1 pill 1 time a day; nevertheless, you should better consult your treating physician prior to enrolling into Zincovit course.

The patients admit their general condition improves during the drug course. This medication is prescribed for various diseases to improve the general condition. However, some patients, particularly ulcer, note that the effervescent pills can cause stomach pains. Especially, patients with ulcers are confused with the fact that zinc course is effective if consumed during 1+ month

Important information

According to the reviews of the zinc and statistics analysis, this dietary supplement can trigger the development of side effects in extremely rare cases. In the medical reviews overdose can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, dehydration, kidney failure, lethargy, changes in blood chemistry, malfunction of the respiratory system as well as disorders of muscle function. The additive is primarily designed for adults, its effect on children is not studied and was not tested, so it is better to refrain from taking a course in children.

The drug should be stored in a dry place, protected from children and direct sunlight, at room temperature not exceeding 25C. The shelf life equals three years.

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