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Zolmist (Zolmitriptan)


In today's world one of the most common diseases of the nervous system is a migraine.

Migraine - sharp headache, which is inherent to almost all people. It is impossible to "escape" from it. It seemed to "pursue" a person and in the most unwanted time captures him into a "prisoner." At such times, people are ready to do anything, just to get rid of migraines. Thatís why, there are many ways to treat the headaches, but, unfortunately, not all of them are effective and fit everyone. The prevalence of the disease in the general population reaches 5-25% among women and 10.2% among men.

Among the oral triptans for migraine relief should be preferred zolmitriptan.

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How does Zolmist Spray work?

Among triptans, Zolmitriptan, in a form of Zolmist Spray, is a leader. It is a selective agonist of recombinant human serotonin. The drug causes vasoconstriction of mainly cranial blood vessels, blocks the release of neuropeptides, including vasoactive intestinal peptide that is the primary effector transmitter, which causes vasodilation of the underlying pathogenesis of migraine. Zolmitriptan suspend development of migraine attack without direct analgesic effect.

Indications for Zolmist Spray use:

Medical practice recommends Zolmist Spray for the treatment of migraine attacks, accompanied by aura and without it.

Clinical trials of Zolmist Spray

New research has shown that zolmitriptan, a drug from the class of triptans used to treat migraine, is also effective in cluster headache. According to the scientists, zolmitriptan in a form of nasal spray - generic Zolmist Spray reduces cluster headache within 10-30 minutes, depending on the dose. During the first 30 minutes 53% of patients taking the drug at a dose of 5mg and 63% of patients taking the drug at a dose of 10mg felt relief. For comparison - the pain has decreased only in 30% of patients taking placebo. After 30 minutes the pain has stopped completely in 46.9% of patients, who took Zolmist Spray in a dose of 10mg and 38.5%, who took the drug in a dose of 5mg. Zolmist Spray permits the use of higher doses for the same period of time, thus, extending the narrow range of tools that are effective in cluster headache and migraine attacks.

Dosing regimen

Often, Zolmist Spray is sold without prescription and can be easily taken at home. If you decided to conduct self treatment, then the recommended dose is 2.5mg of zolmitriptan. If symptoms persist or re-emerge within 24 hours, you may need to take one more dose of Zolmist Spray, which should be carried out not earlier than 2 hours after the first dose. If the patient does not experience sufficient relief after dose of 2.5mg in subsequent migraine attacks, he can apply the dose of 5mg. Mostly, the therapeutic effect is evident within 1 hour after administration.

It is recommended to take Zolmist Spray, as soon as possible after the onset of migraine headaches. In case of repeated attacks, the recommended total doses, received during 24 hours, should not exceed 15mg. The maximum daily dose of zolmitriptan in patients receiving MAO-A inhibitors, should not exceed 7.5mg. A lot of patients have noticed the onset of action within 15-20 minutes, which reached its maximum for 1 hour. Almost 80% of patients within an hour have significantly reduced or totally disappeared sharp headaches. Besides, Zolmist Spray is effective in menstrual migraine. With prolonged use of zolmitriptan its clinical effectiveness is not reduced.

Is Zolmist Spray allowed for pregnant and lactated women?

According to the receipt and doctorsí advice, Zolmist Spray can be used during pregnancy and lactation only in cases where the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. It should be noted, that safety applications of zolmitriptan in human pregnancy has not been studied. As well as it is not known whether zolmitriptan is concentrated in breast milk or not.

Zolmist Spray is quite safe medication, with small list of contraindications and side effects.

The drug is not recommended only for those, who have hypersensitivity to zolmitriptan. Also, donít forget that it is not used to prevent migraine attacks.

90 of 100 people, tested on Zolmist Spray side effects have well tolerated the drug and informed about absence of any adverse reaction. Although, 10 people noticed nausea and dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, sensory disturbances.

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