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Zyvox (Linezolid)


An antimicrobial remedy Zyvox is a trade name of the antibiotic linezolid. A mechanism of the drug action differs from the action of the modern antibiotics. It selectively inhibits the protein synthesis in bacteria by means of the connection with the bacterial ribosome. It inhibits the development of cells RNA which is the most important components of the transmission process by the protein synthesis between microorganisms. As Zyvox differs a lot from other antimicrobial remedies a resistance to it develops slowly, and therefore even the prolonged treatment may cause the worsening of the pharmacological action of the drug.

The drug is effective as for causative agents of the infection: gram-positive, gram-negative, anaerobic, and aerobic. However it is ineffective as for viruses.

It is prescribed for the treatment of pneumonia (out-of-hospital, hospital), skin infections, and enterococcal infections. In case of the wide range of gram-positive infections the use of the drug is possible in combination with antibiotics of the similar pharmacological action.

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Taking optimal doses of the antibiotic all its components are easily and quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and reach the site of the infection. High concentration of the drug in the body may lead to the development of the side effects and difficult removal of the active components.

- the recommended dose for adults is 600 mg 2 times per day

- children take 10 mg/kg of the body weight 2 times per day

- the length of the treatment depends on the causative agent, site and severity of the infection, however it rarely exceed 12-14 days

- the tablets can be taken both during eating and between food consumption

- after the course of the treatment it is necessary to have analyses again in the laboratory in order to find out the presence of the infection in the body and level of recovery.


- Zyvox is contraindicated only by the allergy to Linezolid or other antibiotics from the group of oxazolidinones

- It is better to refuse from the antibiotic during pregnancy and period of the lactation because it may cause disorder in the development of fetus/child and affect its growth and development

- Patients with dysfunction of liver/kidney should consult a doctor as for the reduction of the daily dose

- During the treatment it is necessary to control the level of platelets in the blood.

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